Silent Hill Collection Delayed

The high definition remakes of Silent Hills 2 and 3 have been delayed and will no longer appear this month.

Game Informer have been told by Konami that the games will now arrive in March, although UK games retailer has the title listed as ‘Date to be confirmed’.


Silent Hill 2 follows the story of James Sunderland as he stumbles upon Silent Hill and his fears manifest themselves, most famously as ‘Pyramid Head’.

Silent Hill 3 served as a sequel to the original game as cult member Claudia tries to bring about the birth of a new god.

Sounds like a typical day in TSA Towers.

Source: Game Informer



  1. Would prefer to play Silent Hill: The Room. Loved that game more than SH2 but I think I’m on my own with that one.

  2. Ah, yes. I remeber when Dan tried to become a God by eating a lot of biscuits and chanting something. :p

    I hope they will use the original voice actors as the new ones are a bit rubbish. Also, why is Silent Hill 4 not included? I wonder if they have discovered a lot of bugs and are currently fixing them and then going to check both games?

  3. It’s oh so quiet, shhh,shhh… And then a pyramid-head comes in and does something insanely perverted with a body and a kitchen sink waste disposal unit …. :O
    Most terrifying moment in gaming ever for me, looking forward to re-living it! :)

    • I think you just described what a few TSA GC regs got up during the weekend. ;)

      • Yourself included?

      • No, as i had replace and install the locks on their cages. Seeing as none of the mods cba to do it. :p

  4. Stupid decision in my opinion. As Downpour releases in March too I think a lot of people will plump for that, which might actually be a dampener on any potential sales. I planned to get the HD collection to hold me over till then, there’s no need now.

    • Yeah, It’s now due just one week before Downpour. Still, if my pocket can stand it, I’ll take all the Silent Hill I can get.

  5. Buying used anyway due to voice decable. Can wait a little longer.

  6. I hope the caption to this article is a Björk reference. Because if it is, mad respect.

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