Konami Decide Against Fixing The Broken 360 Game They’ve Sold

Konami has sold a product that they know is broken. Silent Hill HD Collection was thrown together by Hijinx, not actually in a hurry – it took them two years – with some old unfinished code because Konami didn’t bother archiving the finished code when they completed the games originally. That port was not exactly what you might call smooth.

They’ve sold a broken game, with code they admitted back in May wasn’t final. Users demanded that the product they paid for was repaired, Konami agreed and said they’ll make a patch to ensure it works as it always should have. That was months ago. Now, Konami has said they’re not going to bother with a patch for the 360 version (although the PS3 version was already patched and the publisher says all issues were fixed on that platform).

The official reason they’re not bothering to make good on the product is because of “technical issues and resources”. So basically, making patches is difficult and they don’t want to pay for it. What a thoroughly reprehensible attitude to take towards their customers. Their fans.

Might it be reasonable to assume that they don’t want to pay Microsoft’s fee for the patch? Given Polytron’s recent similar move with downloadable Fez, that seems faintly plausible. Regardless, if you don’t want to pay the price of publishing on a platform, don’t publish on it. Consumers aren’t there to pay for your laziness, lack of ability or shortage of responsibility.

The official statement includes the following laughable line: “Konami apologizes to any players who are continuing to experience these issues on the Xbox 360 SKU”. So, they’ve taken your money for a broken product which they won’t fix – ever – but now they’re sorry. So that’s okay, right?

Ordinarily, when sold a broken product, you could return it to the retailer and expect a full cash refund. That’s the UK law. But the game came out in March so it might not be reasonable to take this route (although, certainly worth a try).

I suggest you start with Konami’s UK customer support website and don’t stop until every single penny of your money is back in your pocket and Konami’s piece of junk is in the bin where it belongs.

Oh, and guess what? They’re going to continue selling the broken 360 version of the game, that they’re never going to fix! What a load of shameless crooks!


  1. I never bought it but seriously Konami, what are they playing at? I thought they were cool.

    • WERE. They WERE one of my favorite Japanese development studios when I was younger. Now they’re pretty awful, it’s depressing as hell to me.

  2. Whatever happened to the days when the japanese were proud of their work? :) But what do people expect, modern publishers have turned video games into a numbers game. If enough people don’t buy the game there’s no post launch support. Its cheaper to lose the fanbase then fix the game .Still if they’re apologising that’s admitting fault, the lawyers will eat this up.

  3. Shame on you Konami I’m disgusted.

    • Kind of shocking that they would do this.

  4. So you guys at theSixthAxis are very angry about Konami but not Bethesda (I never saw you gone berserk about them) because Konami is telling they truth that they won’t fix the game on a platform but Bethesda is lying about Skyrim for the last 10 months that they will fix the problems?

    • There’s a difference Komami are not fixing the game, while bethesda has continued supporting skyrim for the past 10 months.

      • You call that support lol.

      • But the support Bugthesda have given Skyrim has resulted in a lot of things being fixed and implented. They even managed to kill the Lag on all of the versions. :O Or at least, have made it so that it only lags rarely.

      • I have to agree about Bethesda – after just finishing the Fallout 3 DLC I will not buy another of their games. Causing my entire system to crash on a regular basis is not good enough and could potentially cause it to brake or lose data. Their save-file system needs to be re-thought. Whilst I appreciate their efforts in trying to patch it – how about you just make it right before allowing people to buy your broken piece of poo?

      • wolf-OF-chaos actually has a point to be fair. There is a world of difference between ‘can’t’ fix issues & ‘won’t’ fix issues.

        Bethesda being the can’t & Konami being the won’t of course.

      • I know software is a bit different, but a product that is still being fixed 10 months after, and still has problems, should perhaps not have been released when it was!!

      • For what its worth i agree, but at least they are still attempting fixes rather than throwing their hands up & saying “fuck it”.

      • Oh yeah I agree – Konami take the crown, but I understand the comment about Bethesda. (Perhaps it’s because Bethesda paid for the Dawnguard DLC to be advertised here, shhhh). ;)

    • Bugthesda do try to fix their games, whereas Konami has given up without doing a single thing to improve the state of the 360 version. Plus, we expect a Bethesda game to have bugs otherwise it would feel wrong and dirty to play a bug free game by them.

      • The state of the game at release and the consequent updates, the game shouldn’t have been released until at least now. These games companies are becoming more and more shady with their unfinished work releases. This news from Konami takes the gold medal for sh*tting on their fans and customers though. The very same people that keep them business and paying their wages. Very lowdown behaviour.

      • in defense of Bethesda, the game they make are usually of an unprecedented scale and complexity compared to most games.
        so you have to give them a little leeway though.

        but then you compare it to some other open world game like GTA IV, as far as i can recall, that really wasn’t a buggy game, and that has a few similarities to Skyrim.
        it’s not quite as complex of course.

        but really, give them a little slack for the scale of the titles they make, but they still need to do more to eliminate the bugs

  5. Is this broken as in ‘impossible to finish’ as in ‘isn’t very good’?

    • I stumbled through SH2 and, aside from the crappy visuals, multitude of bugs and frequent system crashes it’s…. playable. Certainly not in a state to be sold however.

  6. At least bugthesda had the decency to fix Rimlag. What Konami is doing is piss poor and is one massive finger to everyone who owns a 360 and will cause them to not trust them again. Leaving a broken game is never good for bussiness as it will cost you in the long run. Plus, what’s to stop Konami from doing it with any broken game? First it’s SH:HD then it’s another one and another one untill they annouce that the 360 will no longer be supported by them. :S

  7. Finally 360 owners are getting screwed.

    Welcome to PS3 World :)

    • have to agree here, after years of getting poor ports from the xbox (Oblivion, GTAIV etc) it’s nice to know Microsoft customers can share the misery.

      they get games before psn does or games get pulled from psn because someone made a mistake and released it before xbox (Storm seemingly).

      someone commented that the Japanese use to be proud of the products they produced well a Japanese product is patched and works on a Japanese system no change there

  8. Now if they can just make MGS5 PS3 exclusive to rube the salt in that wound :)

    • What difference would that make.

    • I’m actually a bit perplexed by the amount of ‘likes’ these sorts of comments are getting – Do we have that many fanboys around these parts these days??

    • Nick,


  9. you should be able to get your money back as I am sure this would come under the whole ‘not fit for purpose’ part of the commerce law.

    Also, if you bought it online, you probably have even more right to return it with the distance selliong regulations

  10. And this is why patching is one of the worst things to happen to consoles. Had they shipped this bag of crap out the door with no chance of it ever being fixed people just wouldn’t have bothered picking it up.

    • thats right, and its a reason I’ve stopped pre ordering games. Mainly because of patching. Most publishers bring out these games asap, because of the hype trains they create, and can’t miss the release date because of “financial reason” as in share holders etc.

      Konami are a disgrace IMO, the game should be pulled from the shelves. Infact its another reason to have a Gaming Watchdog.

      • Agreed. Konami just got moved onto my “don’t buy at launch” list. What we need for it to hurt financially to release a buggy game and not fix it, and the way to do that is to make people aware of whose games they shouldn’t buy without researching the state of the game first.

      • Must admit I too avoid buying games brand new now (the exception this year being RE6 because the wait for that game is becoming unbareable lol!). At least on the 360 all (well, most) patches are only a few MB in size, whereas I used to hate firing up a PS3 game day of release and have to wait ages for a 300MB+ patch to download first.

      • I don’t pre-order AAA title games any more. I do however pre-order JRPGS (granted I know they aren’t everyone’s cup of tea)…but I have never had a patch update on any of those games – the update for White Knight Chronicles 2 added more quests – for free.

        There is nothing worse than getting an update on day of release game. Reminds me when a friend was working at Sony and had me come in for a testing job and one of the titles I was tested on was Primal I found 200 issues before I went through the door to begin the game. I was told they don’t thoroughly test games like that – well maybe game companies should.

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