Sony’s ‘Welcome Back’ Pack Now Live

Sony’s promised ‘Welcome Back’ package is now live. PS3 owners will be able to choose two PS3 games from a list of five, and PSP owners can choose two PSP games from a list of four.

For PS3 owners, go to the ‘Welcome Back’ section in the PlayStation Store, and select 2 titles from the following list:

  • Dead Nation
  • inFAMOUS
  • LittleBigPlanet
  • Ratchet & Clank: Quest for Booty
  • Wipeout HD + Fury

For PSP owners, go to the ‘Welcome Back’ section of PlayStation Store on your PSP system and select 2 titles from the following list:

  • LittleBigPlanet (PSP)
  • ModNation Racers
  • Pursuit Force
  • Killzone Liberation

Those wanting to get their 30 days free PlayStation Plus need to go to the PlayStation Store and under the ‘Welcome Back’ section, select ‘PlayStation Plus: 30 Days Free’, and you’ll be given access. Existing PlayStation Plus subscribers won’t need to do anything, and their 60 free days will be added automatically.

PlayStation Network users will also get a large number of free virtual items in PlayStation Home, with more information on that available in the near future.

A selection of “On Us” movie rentals are currently available to PlayStation Network customers this weekend only, where Video Service is available.

Now go on, get out of here you crazy kids.

Source: EU PS Blog




  1. There’s also 3 free films to rent

    • Sweet, which ones?

      • FF:SW,House of the Dead 2 and RE:Degenaration. Seems a bit cruel with first two films.:(

    • sweet nice one Sony:)

    • is anyone else unable to see the games to download??

      • YES! I can see the Plus bit but the games disappeared after I first selected the relevantentry and I got an error. So frustrating, I’ve got plenty of time to dive into inFamous this weekend :o(

      • cheers for that, needed to know i’m not the only one!!

      • Only visible on the store once. ‘Have a look at the FAQ on their blog post, but basically, it sounds like to get in a second time you might have to go via Account Management > Transaction Management > Services List.’

      • Nice one Ben! Thank u

    • All this is per PS3 not per account surely, since so many people have multiple accounts, although per account would be fairer for genuine shared PS3 units.

  2. inFamous, LittleBigPlanet (to replace cracked disc), ModNation and Killzone. Very good selection. Now just gonna wait 5 days to download them because the servers will have a killing

    • Yep, every selection is taking 2 + attempts, so many errors are occurring…

  3. inFAMOUS and WipEout HD here I come :D

    • Same for me I think and a splendid deal for PS users.

  4. Wicked. Is our free ps+ now live too?

    • It was yesterday, wasn’t it?

      • Well I tried to buy a couple of things that were discounted on ps+ yesterday and it tried to charge me full price for them. Plus, I tried to DL Burnout for free and it tried to charge me.

      • Aha, PS+ is there as an option under the Welcome Back section now. Cool!

      • Oh, ok.
        I didn’t realise.
        Fair enough.

  5. Little Big Planet x2 (just traded the blu-ray and UMD for a combined €25), inFamous and Modnation Racers for me, thanks!
    Wipeout HD + Fury is the best on offer there, but I already happily own them. :)

  6. Took me a few attempts to open the store

    • Yes, me too. Might be advisable to try at less popular times or wait a few more days.

  7. WipEout (which i’ve owned in the past) and Dead Nation (which i’m completely unexcited about) for me.

    • Wipeout for me too, haven’t played the fury pack so that’ll be new.

  8. Welcome back pack has disappeared. I tried downloading the ‘Free games’ option several times and got a load of errors.
    baced out of it and found the ‘Welcome Back’ option has gone :(

    • Disappeared for me too, hopefully just due to everyone trying to download it at same time

    • Have a look at the FAQ on their blog post, but basically, it sounds like to get in a second time you might have to go via Account Management > Transaction Management > Services List.

      • this worked for me – cheers Jigsaw…

      • Same for me, just keep trying this until it works :)!

      • I managed to get in using that method and I’m all the way as far as “confirm purchase” – but can’t get past that! Oh well, I’ll try again later I guess.

      • Thanks, this worked for me too on my UK and US accounts. Loads of free games woop!

      • Thanks, this worked for me.
        Haven’t been able to get into the US account’s games yet though, but as it’s only Super Stardust I’ll have from that, it can wait until everything calms down.

    • Same for me, only managed to get one and then it dissapeared on me! I’m sure it will be fine when the servers calm down and with a Google.

    • Yep, mine is buggered, selected the option, error occurred, then option disappeared. Now it’s not there. I try through transaction management thing and error occurs. I’ll be trying again later but leaving it for now til all the bugs go away!

  9. I’m now getting server timeouts off the store as well. Yes, it may be a tad busy…..

    • I’m seeing lots of error messages now.

      • I’m worried because the games seem to have disappeared.

    • Same here, I keep getting errors, stuff disappearing and Burnout won’t download -_-

      I managed to start the download of Ratchet and Clank and inFamous 2 demo before the free stuff wouldn’t access when I pushed “X”, then I get errors, meh, I’ll wait it out.

  10. I managed to get in and out before the servers were bombarded by PSN accounts trying to access the store. I am currently downloading Infamous. I will also DL Dead nation tommorrow. I will get Wipeout and those films on my other account.:D Plus, i am no longer a Peasent on PSN, i have been raised to Plus. Time to annoy my ISP by downloading everything i see on plus.:OP

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