Rumour: Retailer Lists GTA V, Resi 6, More

Prepare the salt. A post over on NeoGAF appears to show listings from the system of an unknown Australian retailer across PC, console, and handheld, in the process revealing a smasgabord of as-yet-unannounced games for the rest of the year and beyond.

If this turns out to be legit, it could basically be considered a massive spoiler for next week’s E3 conference, with the listings including Grand Theft Auto V for a 2012 release on PC, PS3 and 360, Resident Evil 6 for the latter two, Dance Central 2 for Kinect, “Super Mario Wii 2” (either a new-new SMB Wii, or a game for Project Cafe), and a whole barrel of other rumoured releases and ports.


We’ve stuck the images at the bottom of this post for your perusing pleasure – there’s a lot in these, and if they turn out to be valid, we’re in for an excited, if sequel-filled, E3.

Source: NeoGAF



  1. its that time of year again! let the rumors fly! but i’ll believe it when i see it

  2. lol, have you seen the prices for any big game, 9,999.00 haha
    There’s a star wars kinect game there though, interesting

    • This list is most probably a placeholder list, retailers often put unannounced games and placeholder prices on their database. Doesn’t mean they’re coming, just means there is a high enough probability that the retailer thinks it worthwhile putting it on their database

  3. Where is Borderlands 2 / Borderworlds???!

    • Borderworlds? Did they announce a BL-esque MMO? No sign of BL2? Nooooo!!

    • Truly awful name if it is true.

    • I doubt it’d be announced this year, with Gearbox only just releasing Duke Nukem, and now moving on to Aliens.

  4. Roll on E3!!

  5. Is it just me or are you suffering from infomation overload?

    I am starting to and next week’s E3 i’ll be ending up reading many websites for hours just to check new stuff.. To much…

  6. I doubt it’ll be GTA V and don’t Rockstar tend to release pc games at a later date from the console release of the latest GTA’s?

    *Fingers crossed for Vice City 2.0

    • It may be a GTA but not GTA V, we had GTA 3 on PS2, GTA V on PS3 and GTA V will come on PS4.

      They’ll be making a GTA “X” where X is something like Vice City or San Andreas. The biker gang and gay tony don’t count as they were add ons for GTA V.

      Please let it be a HD remake of San Andreas!

      • Rockstar considers the GTA IV add-ons to have completed that ‘trilogy’, in the same way Vice City and San Andreas did with the PS2 series.

      • I meant GTA IV, oops lol.

        But we got 3 different cities with III, Vice City and San Andreas. The GTA IV add ons were still in LIberty City :/

  7. This can’t be an official document. Simply because no Fifa has ever been released in december. And what about God of War 4 ? -_-‘

    • There’s some trailers rolling about for GOW4, they look pretty good, but just a logo teaser thing, so probably faked.

    • Placeholder dates and prices until confirmed by publishers.

  8. I like the word ‘rumoursplosion’ very much, but am less keen on ‘smasmabord’.

  9. I hope it’s PS3-only. I’d hate again for the PS3 version to be held back by the Xbox version.

    Developers need to move on.

    • Doubt it, best chance you get with GTA is a timed exclusive only. It will most likely also be released for the Xbox 360, later than PS3 or the same.

  10. Could just be speculative, roll on E3!

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