Ghost Recon Future Soldier gets Kinected

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Future Soldier has just been shown at Microsoft’s E3 conference. They showed off some Kinect functionality, particularly some quite impressive voice recognition featuring weapon customization, in which you can just say ‘optimize for range’ or something similar and the game will do it for you.


You can also immediately test the weapon, which looked a little more awkward to use than it should be, with flicking your right hand up to go into iron sights and waving to shoot. The aim seemed really shaky, too. Still, it looked reasonably impressive and could probably be used to show off Kinect to the non-believers to a decent ‘oooh’.

They also showed a pretty wicked trailer, but we don’t have that yet.



  1. Best sub-heading in a long time, really made me laugh.
    Well done.

    On topic, sounds interesting. Not something I myself would be interested too much in, but it’s a nice extra feature, and it can’t be too long until Kevin Butler’s “pew, pew, pew” is proven wrong with a top-quality, kinect controllable shooter?

    • Yeah that sub-heading is hilarious.

  2. They also said all Tom Clancey games will now be Kinect.

    Looks so shit. I hope they never ditch normal controllers.

    • I highly doubt they;re going to ever “ditch normal controllers”.

      As far as it “looking so shit”, I disagree. I think the customization looked great. And if they use voice commands for your squad mates like they are in ME3, then i’m all for it.

  3. The tagline is one of my favourite Penny Arcade strips!

  4. The gun thingy for this reminded of Iron Man.

  5. The game looked amazing, especially the customisation, and the way Kinect controlled the gun’s pieces. In combat though, Kinect looked poor. Going to be a great game on all consoles when Ubisoft do finally release it!

  6. Great subheading lol.

  7. The gun smith stuff really looked cool, but i agree, the weapon tasting using gesture controlls…not so much.

    All in all the conference has made my decision to purchase Kinect a done deal. The ME3 voice controlls were awesome.

  8. Not sure if i like tracking, but is this tech available on ps3, or an xbox exclusive.

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