Kinect Star Wars Video Released

Let’s be honest, this is probably the game that most of us wanted when we started seeing motion controllers appearing for home consoles. Now Kinect is trying to make it a reality. As a massive Star Wars fan and a keen admirer of the technology behind Kinect, I have to admit being a little disappointed at how slow it seems to be when swinging that lightsaber.

Of course, staged promo videos like this are always going to have that little bit of disconnect between the actors and the in-game action. In related news, I’m hearing that the game can be played with one of those plastic lightsabers you can buy in toy stores. So that’s a result.



  1. Is this video hinting at some kind of 3D too, or am I reading too much into things? Looks fun though, If you like star wars. Pod racing appealed to me, but that was about it.

    • I would assume that’s just part of the silly staging that they do for all of these Kinect videos. It shows how immersive it is, allegedly. I suppose it’s really hard to show how it works, and even that it works at all, without putting cheesy actors in there.

  2. Just been shown that we posted this video last night in with a few others (but behind advertising restrictions so I’ll leave this one up). That officially makes us six hours quicker than Microsoft’s own team at getting their trailers out.
    Still, lightsabers, eh?

  3. that looks rubbish to be honest. Also looks like false advertising to me. They pretty much show that it will feel like 3D.

  4. They went to all that trouble to add explosions and effects coming out of the tv but still couldn’t make the gameplay look good. It’ll probably sell by the bucketload.

    • Lol! All true and that’s what makes me a little bit sad inside

  5. Now, let’s see a Move edition and let the Flame Wars begin.

  6. I’m not saying that Move is amazing or anything but compared to Kinect its miles ahead . Some of ly casual gaming mates fell for the marketing and its now officially their newest dust collector .

  7. ps3 move version would make much more sense

  8. Damn. If the gamepaly looks this bad in a trailer, imagine how bad it is in reality.

    Looks like a bunch of thrown together star wars minigames.

  9. Looks like it would be great fun for about ten minutes, though the lag and whatnot would eventually begin to grind.

  10. Why do Kinect games have to look so average- I can’t remember what the processing overhead for it is off the top of my head but surely its not high enough to make the games look last gen. Hopefully at least one developer has been prepared to show good graphics and the camera together and not just imitate the Wii which only looks the way it does because otherwise it would melt. Gears of War kinect not to be a cartoon shooter- fingers crossed.

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