Mass Effect 3 Release Date Announced

Along with a fantastic trailer and a great gameplay demonstration, showing an absolutely massive Reaper battle that has to be seen to be believed, amongst many other things, Bioware announced the Mass Effect 3 release date at EA’s conference.


After a delay, Mass Effect 3 will now be released on the 6th of March 2012.

I for one cannot wait, it looks to be bigger and better than the first two installments, with much more action than before from what we’ve seen so far.



  1. Good, gives me time to complete my second play-through.

  2. Only a year-ish after the ME2 on PS3, awesome for PS3 owners, not much waiting

    • Well, that’s where you are wrong… I am a PS3 owner. After playing Mass Effect 2 10 times I can officially say that I am a huge fan. And trust me, it is a long wait in my eyes.

  3. I was having trouble reading the date when they annouced it. I wasn’t sure if it was 3rd June or 6th March. Now i know. I shall be getting this and i suspect CB will be annoyed if it gets delayed.;) I will have a source of perment income by then so i can get it on release.:D unless my account gets hacked by the reapers. Damm Reapers,coming to this planet and taking our people and killing our people.:OP

  4. Awesome that you can call in bombardment from the normandy.

  5. Hmmmmm way too long :(

  6. That is a looooong way off! Was hoping to get in on some more ME this year! Still, it’ll be absolutely outstanding and well worth the wait I’m truly sure of that.

  7. It’s my boifday!

  8. Got plenty of time to get ME2 then.

    • +1. Need to pick this up.

    • Exactly. Gotta get your import save all perfect after all. I still haven’t got the arrival dlc so I guess that will keep me occupied for a few hours at least ;)

  9. +1 Maybe I’ll get chance to play through the ps3 version before then. Id start from the off as a female character….

  10. Damm I thought it would be out xmas time, oh well, all good things blah blah blah.

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