New Trailer And Screens For Prototype 2

Prototype 2 is one of the many games that will be shown at E3 but just in case you can’t be there, we’ve got the official E3 trailer below. To go along with it, we also have a handful of screenshots and an interesting word or two from Prototype 2’s developer, Radical Games.

The trailer and screens obviously speak for themselves but Radical Design Director, Matt Armstrong, also had some interesting things to say, particularly about the rivalry a lot of gamers have created between the Prototype and inFamous series’.


“The first InFamous was really cool and the second one seems to be shaping up really well, but we offer something completely different and there’s space in the market for both games.”

Matt went on to talk about a new gameplay element called “tendrils” which players can fire and attach to other objects.

“Tendrils is what’s exciting about the game. The emergent properties of it – the way you can string so many things up and either have them pulled apart or slam into each other.”

Last, he discussed some of the feedback the team at Radical received after the first Prototype launched and made it very clear that they have a product they believe is something worth checking out.

“We had a main character in Alex Mercer who wasn’t always as aligned with his powers as we’d hoped. We had a story that was very involved and convoluted and difficult to follow.

There’s something very special about this game and this time around we’re coming out with something that’s a big expansion of all the things that were good about the first game, while simultaneously addressing all the things we were never really happy about.”

Check out the media we’ve got below and let us know how confident you are that Radical will deliver a solid offering.

Source: YouTubeVG247Eurogamer



  1. Infamous is in a different league. Far superior. Prototype has great premise, just terrible delivery. It could be good if it was with a team that had the vision to match the tale.

  2. I was in the Prototype camp when the first games came out but when I played them both I fast moved over the inFamous, mainly for the story. That’s not to say Prototype wasn’t enjoyable, but it was more in a Spiderman 2 free-roam kind of way.

    I’m definitely in the inFamous 2 camp this time round though so maybe I’ll go the other way (oo-er) after playing them.

  3. Love that trailer and the screens look very good also.Looking forward to this and inFamous 2.

  4. I’ve just started prototype, picked it up on a whim and its fantastic! Really straight forward gameplay and the story is good so far. I might be tempted by a sequel, will see how this first one pans out. I’ll give Infamous a go later too, nice of Sony to give us that for free eh.

  5. This looks…..awesome! :D

  6. Prototype two looks so much better then the first one, will defiantly pick this up when it comes out.

  7. Inception :p

    • ah yes the new thing in trailers. the sound BRRRRRRRN! i’m half expecting it to cut to AM3RICA

  8. I tired of the first game but liked the running up tall buildings. Having played and not really warmed to the Infamous 2 demo i might be looking to this as an alternative.

  9. The first game was brutal, wall to wall gore. This is looking just as good :P

  10. Seems like this could just have been DLC, there was literally nothing new apart from Heller….

    • the gfx look a lot better, the first game was good, but damn ugly

    • He seems terribly angry!

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