Resistance 3 E3 Trailer Revealed

Despite Microsoft being the first of the ‘big three’ to have their E3 press conference, it was actually a PS3-exclusive that turned out to be the first big trailer of the day. We’re talking about Resistance 3 and the new E3 trailer was revealed just before Microsoft’s presser.

It’s a mixture of gameplay and cinematics but it all looks pretty slick. Check it out below and be sure to stay tuned to TSA for all the latest E3 info.

Source: YouTube (GameTrailers)



  1. Looking forward to this one :)

  2. awesome :D can’t wait, just too many games coming out :P

    • Yeah its goign to be hard to keep up and even save…. :/

  3. Yeah, hopefully theres some new stuff after what Microsoft did. Really disappointing in some parts.

  4. Really lovin’ the apocalyptic vibe from this. I know it’s ealry to say, but I think this’ll be the best of the three.

    Speaking of which, is it staying as a trilogy?

  5. Jesus Christ. Killer title. Killer. Day one.

  6. What was that horrible noise at the end of the video for? It hurt my ears and I am sad now.

  7. Will be good, but trailer did nothing for me. Not after seeing MW3 and BF3 trailers that are literally amazing.

  8. Will this be the last 1?

  9. Wow fantastic looking trailer , I loved the first two games .

  10. Now that is a trailer!!

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