UFC Undisputed 3 Gets A Trailer

Hope you’re in the mood for trailers this morning, because we’ve got a whole load of them coming your way this morning from E3. This one is for THQ’s UFC Undisputed 3.

Undisputed 3 is a move away from yearly release cycles for the series, which were both well-received critically but sold poorly, and will launch sometime next year on PS3 and 360.

Source: VG247


  1. I’m not into games like that but will it be kinect compatible? Or move compatible. It would be great if it was.

  2. 2010 was critically acclaimed for I don’t know what reason. As a simulation of the sport of MMA I’m afraid EA nailed it on their first attempt.

    The stand up in the UFC games is like playing Tekken and the ground game is simply stick swirling attrition. I believe the sales reflected the quality of 2010 rather than the critics jizzing over quite a fun beat ’em up when they should have reviewed it as a sports title.

    That said, the Pride FC mode may tempt me if the game mechanics are significantly overhauled.

  3. I’m happy with my 09 Undisputed and I still got 10 so no need to get this!

  4. Doesn’t really look any better or worse than the last IMO.

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