Watch Microsoft’s Live E3 Press Event Right Here

As promised, we’ve got a live stream from Microsoft for their E3 press event. What can you expect to see? Well, that’s a closely guarded secret but we’d expect some word of Star Wars Kinect, Forza 4 and Gears of War 3. We’re also hoping for news of some console exclusives for the end of this year.

Hopefully the stream will stay gremlin-free but if there are any technical issues, you can head to to watch it or get it on your iOS or Android mobile device at




  1. Takes Seat [V]
    Eats Popcorn [V]
    Ignored spoiler list [ ] errr

  2. Hopefully this works on my PS3.

    • Also is there any news on Sony or Nintendo letting you stream here.

    • haha ironic much? yeah they should have some kind of live feed up i think

  3. Got a few tabs with different streams open, just hoping at least one of them is half decent!

  4. Looks like the stream works on the PS3 browser and the nice big TV screen (well, at least the required plug-in is there). Let the E3 fest begin :)

  5. This is just to get me in the mood for E3… roll on 1AM! :D

  6. There is a NuTSAck Special that has a few guests from here.^-^ i may be on it.;0) I shall be watching this.

  7. When does the sony conference start? and where is it avaialble i heard that its watchable on home?

  8. nice1 tsa, kudos. popcorn ready.

  9. Working beautifully on my Android phone . “if you haven’t got an Android phone , you haven’t got an Android phone ! “

  10. OMG, TOMB RAIDER !!! :)

    • best part of there show imo hate how there trying to make games controller free.

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