DmC E3 2011 Trailer Is Live, Kicks Ass

The latest trailer for Ninja Theory’s take on Devil May Cry is now live, showing Dante kicking all kinds of ass. I’m pretty tired, but at one point he appears to power up and gain his trademark white mop of hair – did I imagine that?

I like it, although I’m wondering if it will cause the same furore as last time…

Source: YouTube



  1. Dude definitely goes all albino at one point. You didn’t imagine that, Dan-san, but get some sleep anyway.

  2. I don’t know………. its seem to be so dull and sad… why is it sad? I love Devil May Cry its one of my favorite franchises of the Playstation 2 and of course DMC 4 which was great but maybe a bit like Devil May Cry 4 but to see this is, it just isn’t cool… its cruel.

    The choice of music to me just doesn’t fit in the trailer and the sounds are likely the worst I’ve ever come across… like an army of wailing monkeys.

    No way I’m supporting this and I’m sure I’ll regret it but I just have no faith DMC Ninja Theory. I want to like it but its too negative.

    • I think they wanted to make it seem more ‘dark’ in the beginning of the trailer and just failed miserably.

      My only comment regarding the trailer:
      “I think I’ve seen a glimpse of classic Dante, there was no witty one liners though.”

    • I’m the same, DMC3 way one of the most played games on my PS2, DMC4 was one of the first PS3 games I ever played.

      But I have to say, there is NO WAY I will be buying this. Ninja Theory really messed up on this one, Dante’s attitude was one of the main reasons I loved the game so much, the cutscenes were hilarious.

      There was gonna be a HD collection of the PS2 games wasn’t there? I will be buying that instead.

  3. I must say this looks better than the other trailers so far. I still don’t like the look of that guy. He actually looks like the douche from the Twilight movies…

  4. WTF was that? That was not DMC! It was too slow paced and looked very dull. Also the music used was crap and didn’t suit the trailer. I think DMCs1-4 used an early ingame music in their trailers. I think i may have seen Dante’s white mop but if that is teh devil trigger of this game. I will flush this game down my loo and bang my head against the wall while shouting why? I have little faith in this game. I want to be interested in this but the trailer was a borefest. This could be even worse then DMC2.:O What happened to the fast paced hack and slash with the cocky Dante? I like those games. I am very disappointed now. I may not even give a monkey’s anus if this is the quailty that is to come when it is released.T-T. why couldn’t Capcom just get the same studio who developed the previous DMC games to do this one as well?

  5. This gives me minimal hope…

  6. 1 was so fresh. 3 was sick. This looked better then last time though….

    • Are we talking a bit under the weather or full on projectile-vomiting and welded-to-the-toilet “sick”?

      • It’s more like “holy shit I’ve been bitch slapped by the utter awesomeness” sick I suppose ;)

  7. i dont agree with you guys, i think the trailer looked awesome.

    after the previous trailers shown, i was decidedly down hearted, but that gameplay makes me feel alot better.

  8. No god…there is no god.. ;_;

  9. I think that looked quite good, but I never really played the previous games beyond a demo, so I’m probably not the guy to ask…
    Still, I like the trailer.

  10. Looks good…but ain’t got the swagger of original Dante!

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