Smash Bros. Headed to 3DS, Wii U

Nintendo’s fighting game franchise, Super Smash Brothers is heading to 3DS and Wii U, and will feature compatibility between both.


There’s not much more about it, but I’m sure they’ll be good. And the cross-platform compatibility sounds like a very good idea. Playing against someone on your 3DS with the Wii U controller? Hopefully.



  1. Cool games.

  2. Best moment in the conference.

    Very interested to see how it uses the WiiPad. I was thinking that you could aim something like the Dragoon by tapping a character on screen, but it’s so high octane that you’d have to be playing solely on the controller.

    • “Best moment in the conference.” agreed (though the LM2 announcement was on-par), hearing everyone go nuts for this one made me smile :)

  3. Will be getting this for my 3DS

  4. Well, I already have the 3DS, so that’ll need to be added to my library. This game is one of the main reasons I’m getting a Wii U as well… I just hope that this “Capcom” character rumor is only a single character. I think if they mixed up both fighting games, it wouldn’t be good for either series, as they’re completely different. I’d also like to see another Sonic character becoming playable (either Knuckles or Shadow).

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