Bodycount E3 Trailer

The Nobel prize for literature is awarded to those who have produced ‘in the field of literature the most outstanding work in an ideal direction’. I hope they consider TSA and create a new category, ‘Excellence In Introducing Yet Another Bloody E3 Trailer’ as the team surely deserves the award. 

Talking of E3 trailers, here is yet another for Codies’ upcoming shooter ‘Bodycount’. Perhaps ‘shooter’ is not the best description as judging by the trailer ‘exploder’ would be a more accurate title.


There are a lot of things exploding, take a look.

Source: YouTube



  1. It’s a good job that the trailer only lasts for 1:50 as I was decidedly bored at around 1:30. I couldn’t even tell you what was on the screen for the last 15 seconds.

    • I did the same! haha

    • I agree. Could be my low tolerance for the faux hop style music, but it defo felt a bit generic.
      Especially in the last Tron/virtual arena-style bits.

      I’m open for convincing though, so I’ll check out any upcoming footage.

    • Agreed. This looks pretty mediocre…

  2. I think I’ll give this one a miss

  3. Isn’t this the spiritual successor to Black..? Looks ok but would like to know more about it.

    • Black was absolutely brilliant but I don’t see antyhing from that game in this one. When I heard it was the spiritual successor to Black I was very interested, but as soon as I saw the actual game that was all game.

  4. Wow a game that shoots airstrikes from your gun, mental…but boring.

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