Ghost Recon’s Kinect Integration Detailed

Now that the platform-holder’s and publisher’s keynote presentations are out of the way, it’s time for journalists to get some hands-on time with everything over in LA. The video below shows off Gunsmith, the mode where you can use Kinect motion and voice controls to manipulate your weaponry, something which could come in handy with over 20 million weapons featuring in the game. Also detailed is the Kinect exclusive shooting range for testing your new load-out.

During Microsoft’s keynote, the Ubisoft executive announced that all future Tom Clancy games will feature Kinect integration as Microsoft continue to show how their motion and voice technology can work in non-casual games, which previously had been their focus, whilst launching the peripheral.


Source: Engadget’s Viddler.



  1. sounds interesting, vid doesn’t work for me?

  2. I remember playing Socom and EndWar with a headset on. Giving voice commands. Is this much better, besides from not having to buy/wear a headset?
    Just interested. Anyone with some Kinect experience, the voice recognition part?

  3. That looked pretty good, except for lara croft panting the entire time in the background.. I also can’t help but think that it would just be faster with a controller. Voice stuff is cool, but is it needed?

  4. I wonder if any of this will be available for use with the PSEye on the PS3?

  5. I liked the ‘optimise for’ commands they demonstrated *crosses fingers there is a hidden easter egg “optimise for kicking ass” and the game puts together something along the lines of an RPG with a shotgun attachment* :D

  6. Clever, perhaps – but also a clear demonstration that buttons would be quicker. I know there’s background noise, but how often did he need to repeat himself.

    Okay, it’s working in a non-casual game – but it’s still working in a casual way.

    This is also nothing which couldn’t be done on any system with a camera and mic. The menu system they’ve used is pretty much straight out of EyePet, and the rest of the gestures could also be made via PS Eye.

    All that being said, I still don’t know why Microsoft are insisting on getting Kinect shoe-horned into every game out there. They seem desperate to prove it’s not just a ‘casual’ thing, and yet for me, they just keep proving that it’s exactly that, because it never works quickly or accurately enough to be anything else.

    Use it where it fits. Don’t force it where it doesn’t.

    • That’s the whole point to this Gunsmith mode & the accompanying shooting gallery

      The real game is back to pad with buttons, best of both worlds, maybe?

      On the PSEye & Mic, it could work but I’m not sure if it will be as effective, the only success I’ve had with mine has to be in just right lighting & you have to waggle your finger to activate menus & on-screen buttons. If the Kinect is just PSEye on steroids as plenty of people have suggested, it could be the steroids that make it possible, playing in the dark for a start.

      • It could be the lighting issue, or i was wondering if Sony’s voice recognition software is as effective as Microsofts. I know Singstar has voice recognition for selecting songs so i must try it out sometime to see.
        Does Kinect sample your voice when setting it up first day? Singstar doesn’t, that i know of, so the voice recognition method in Kinect may have an advantage… i’m just speculating.

    • “I still don’t know why Microsoft are insisting on getting Kinect shoe-horned into every game out there”

      For the same reason that Sony is doing it with move: because these companies have spent millions on these products & people have purchased them. Granted, it might fail sometimes (read: a lot) but what do you expect the companies to do? Invest millions into these devices and then not try to support them as much as possible. Sony did that with the eyetoy, bad move. I don’t have Kinect so i can’t speak much about that, but i do have move and i’ve tried it with just about every shooter that supports it and i absolutly hate it. But I understand why they are pushing it and as long as they make it optional, then it doesn’t bother me. I’d rather them keep trying until they get it right, so that i have a use for this thing that i spent hundreds on (two Move, two Navi, a PS Eye and a charge base), than them give up and only use it for casual games that i don’t play.

  7. What I don’t get it not why they chose to do this with Kinect, but why they chose to make Gunsmith in the first place. Seriously, 20 million weapon customisation options? It’s almost like people are so distracted by the “coolness” of Kinect integration with this that they’re failing to ask the basic questions “Why do we need this? How does this make the game better?”.

    That aside, this demo fails fairly dramatically. Watch from 0:28 onwards… firstly a gesture he was making whilst speaking was picked up as a “Scroll Right” commands, then when he sees what he has done he throws a few more in there – the last few failing to recognise. Bear in mind this is in absolutely perfect conditions for Kinect (large room, no background lighting, sensor at perfect waist height) and in an area that is supposed to differentiate it from a regular camera (low light).

    Don’t even get me started on the lag seen when moving and firing, or the fact he has to take two attempts to get the optical sight to work.

    Which brings me to voice recognition, obviously this wasn’t a good environment for it so you can’t fault that – but my real question is, why do we need Kinect for voice recognition? It’s been done before in games (Hawx springs to mind) and works fine with any old microphone – in fact, a headset works 10 times better than a free standing mircrophone and would probably have worked even in this noisy room.

    I’m a little bemused by the media who continue to oooh and ahhh at voice recog with Kinect as if it were doing something exclusive. When is someone going to put the hard questions to Microsoft instead of just smooching up to them every time they get to try it? I want Ubisoft and EA to tell me if I can use voice recognition in Mass Effect 3 and Ghost Recon on my PS3 or Xbox with a normal microphone and if NOT, why the [email protected]#% not? Are they just so in bed with MS they are helping them profiteer by holding back features for one specific piece of hardware? Oh, stupid question, of course they are – just look at the Logitech steering wheel (lack of) arrangement.

    I’ve still not seen anything “in game”, apart from head tracking in Forza 4, that is doing anything useful that can’t be done without Kinect. Even THAT can be done with a normal camera, but I’ll concede it’s probably more reliable with Kinect. Voice commands (either here or in Mass Effect 3) simply don’t count – you don’t NEED Kinect for that, even the free headset that comes with every Xbox would do the trick if they chose to comment out the “support only if device = kinect” line in the code.

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