PlayStation 3 Firmware Update 3.65 Is Live

This is a weird one. It’s not an essential update and nobody has told us it was coming but if you go to the XMB option to update your firmware it will download and install 3.65.

The patch notes just give us the usual line about stability for PS3 software so it seems we’re not in line for some amazing new surprise features. The only difference we’ve spotted so far is in the structure of the Game Save Data utility, which now has a folder for minis/PSP saves. I think that was just minis previously, right? Perhaps something preparing for cross platform saves?


Let us know in the comments if you find anything new after updating.

Source: My PS3 but tipped by Sir_Jay who saw it on Exophase



  1. I thought it odd it got a mention on the US Blog on the 6th as an optional, but the EU Blog kept quiet.

  2. Bored of security/stability updates. Bring us some new features!

  3. I wonder if its to do with the la noire.

    The blog notes:

    This new firmware improves the operating stability of some PS3 format software, and changes the XMB item SaveData Utility (minis) to [SaveData Utility(minis/PSP)].

  4. You can plug in a PSP and back up saves to the PS3 now, really handy, back-ed up mine yesterday. This could just be a feature, or it could hint at psp games becoming playable on PS3 soon

    • Perhaps you’ll be able to transfer saves for the two PSP God of War games that are being remastered for the PS3. That would be a killer function.

      • PSV/PS3 too?

      • Possible and would be good for those that did own both.

  5. Just turned my PS3 on and auto-update informed it had downloaded it for me

    • Me too – I think its one of the better features of PS+, having the 30 day trial is great. It’s been downloading game updates for me too.

  6. I mentioned this when it went live in the another blog but all i got was question marks :( Such is life.

    • ah, you should email the tip in to us dude. We can’t track every comment on the site, as much as that would be awesome!

      • you should make an @tips kind of tag so you can have something trawl the comments for @tips and give you that comment on a set page…

        ;) get your tech guy on it :)

      • Or you could just email your tips to the address given for them at the bottom of every page. :)

  7. I think the new GT5 patch requires this firmware before installing the update, sure I have read that somewhere today…

  8. Ah, I downloaded and installed the GT5 1.10 update this morning fine, then read the install notes to see the fixes only to find that it apparently needed this 3.65 update before the GT5 update. Didn’t stop me! :/

  9. So soon after 3.61? so does this patch stabilise peoples PS3’s from the YLOD quite a lot of us got from the last patch then ;P *runs off!

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