Uncharted And PSP Dual Packs Incoming

Remember that Resistance Dual Pack, including the original Fall of Man game and the 2008 follow-up? Well looks like Sony’s going to be pulling the same trick with the Uncharted series ahead of this year’s threequel.

Over at E3, PSLS has spotted a double pack of Drake’s Fortune and Among Thieves, although there’s no label on the placeholder boxart for any included extra content, as with the Resistance set.


There’s also some strange PSP dual packs at the booth, which don’t seem to follow the same logic. The three sets are: Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror and SOCOM: Fireteam Bravo, Syphon Filter: Logan’s Shadow and Killzone Liberation, and Secret Agent Clank with Daxter.

Call us crazy, but surely it would’ve made more sense to stick the two Syphon Filter games together, Fireteam Bravo with it’s follow-up, Killzone with Resistance, and Secret Agent Clank with Ratchet PSP. Clearly Sony marketing know something we don’t.

Source: PlayStation LifeStyle



  1. As I have yet to play any of the Uncharted games, and were planning on playing through all of them this year, I might get the dual pack if it’s cheaper than buying them individual. And I doubt that. Maybe if it comes with dlc…

    • Surely be cheaper to buy separate could pick both up for less than a score any day!

    • Surely be cheaper to buy separate could pick both up for less than a score any day!

  2. Those PSP packs are strange selections, alright.
    I hate that headline though, I thought you were about to reveal a Vita bundle or something. :(

  3. I traded in Drakes Fortune and Among Thieves and have always to this day felt guilty about it and have been thinking about picking them up again. Think I’d rather pick them up separately then paying for the bundle unless the bundle is cheaper than getting them separate.

    • They are on my UNTRADABLE Shelf. Get em bought bk :-)

  4. Daxter and Clank are both the secondary characters, and I think fans cross between both franchises (such as I) – so I think that does make sense..

    • I guess that one works thinking about it yeah.

    • That is one nice box!

    • Japan had something similar too a while back, so I guess its just starting to heat up.

      Ratchet & Clank would be nice

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