E3 Bingo: How We Did

Get your dabbers out.

When I finished this year’s list of bingo picks I was pretty confident that around a third of them would happen. That confidence was clearly misplaced as by my reckoning I only scored 14 hits out of a possible 75.  That is just the overall list though.

Josh Wins!
I lose.

Let’s have a look at how the staff that were playing along did as individuals.  I have a knack of doing poorly and this year was no different.  I have now come last in two out of the three years I have been playing.  This year’s winner amongst the staff and contributors is Josh with a score of 8.

1 Josh 8
2 Matt 7
3= Chris 6
Peter 6
Tuffcub 6
6= Blair 5
Dan 5
Toby 5
9= Alex 4
Kris 4
11 Greg 3

I am still finishing up going through all your entries but tentatively I will say that it does not look like anyone scored nothing.  It also looks as though eight is not going to be the highest score…

Here is the list of picks with those that were hits in bold and those that were misses struck through.

Sony Press Conference (These can only happen during Sony’s press conference to count)

1. Kazunori Yamauchi appears on-stage to talk about Gran Turismo NGP.
2. Kazunori Yamauchi plays Gran Turismo NGP on-stage.
3. New The Last Guardian trailer or gameplay footage shown.
4. The Last Guardian played on-stage.
5. Dylan Jobe appears on-stage to talk about ‘Starhawk’.
6. ‘Starhawk’ trailer or gameplay footage shown.
7. Resistance 3 trailer or gameplay footage shown.
8. inFamous 2 trailer or gameplay footage shown.
9. Teaser trailer shown for Bungie’s new EA-published cross platform title.
10. Splinter Cell: Conviction announced for PS3.
11. ‘Sorcery’ trailer or gameplay footage shown.
12. ‘Sorcery’ played on-stage.
13. New MGS game announced for both PS3 and NGP.
14. New MGS game will feature significant cross-platform (PS3/NGP) functionality.
15. NGP’s real name is revealed.
16. NGP’s U.S. pricing is announced.
17. NGP’s U.S. release date is announced. (“Holiday 2011” doesn’t count.)
18. Jack Tretton plays one or more NGP games on-stage.
19. PSPgo hailed as a useful experiment that helped guide the development of the NGP.
20. Sony reiterate their apology for the ‘PSN Hack’.
21. The Sony tablets ‘S1′ & ‘S2′ get a mention or make an appearance.
22. The Xperia Play gets a mention or makes an appearance.
23. Kevin Butler does NOT make an appearance.
24. PlayStation 3 160GB console MSRP dropped to $249.99 ($50 cheaper than now).
25. PlayStation 3 160GB console dropped from range. 320GB MSRP drops to $299.99.
26. New firmware update announced that introduces a streamlined in-game XMB.

PS3-Related E3 Happenings (Any time during E3)

27. Agent trailer or gameplay footage shown.
28. At least a tentative release window (season & year or better) announced for Agent.
29. Q Games announce the first of their second series of PixelJunk games (i.e., PixelJunk 2-1).
30. ‘Starhawk’ is playable on the show floor.
31. Resistance 3 is playable on the show floor.
32. inFamous 2 is playable on the show floor.
33. ‘Sorcery’ is playable on the show floor.
34. Twisted Metal PS3 is playable on the show floor.
35. The Last Guardian is playable on the show floor.
36. PS2 software emulation finally working and will be delivered before the year’s end.

PSP & NGP-Related E3 Happenings (Any time during E3)

37. PSP-4000 announced.  PSP will live on as Sony’s low-end handheld.
38. The non-3G NGP’s U.S. price is less than $250.
39. The non-3G NGP’s U.S. price is between $250 and $300 inclusive.
40. The non-3G NGP’s U.S. price is more than $300.
41. ‘Uncharted NGP’ will be a launch-day title.
42. Final Fantasy NGP announced.
43. Syphon Filter NGP announced.
44. Monster Hunter NGP announced.
45. New Killzone NGP title announced.
46. New WipEout NGP title announced. (Announced before the show).

Microsoft & 360-Related E3 Happenings (Any time during E3, except 47, 48 & 49)

47. Forza 4 is played using Kinect at Microsoft’s press conference.
48. Crytek’s Codename: Kingdoms played at Microsoft’s press conference. (We only saw a CGI trailer.)
49. GTA 5 revealed at Microsoft’s press conference.
50. New Kinect unit sales numbers revealed.  (Newer than MS’ Q3 figures.) (Only 360 ones.)
51. Xbox 360′s successor announced.
52. Nokia-made, Xbox-branded, gaming-focused Windows Phone revealed.
53. Milo returns from his time in the media wilderness to star in a new Lionhead game.
54. Halo: Combat Evolved HD playable on the show floor.
55. The new 343 Industries Halo title is revealed.
56. Crackdown 3 is announced.
57. Shadow Complex 2 is announced.
58. Alan Wake 2 announced.
59. MGS Vancouver’s Kinect shooter announced.

Nintendo-Related E3 Happenings (Any time during E3)

60. Monster Hunter 3DS announced.
61. Pikmin 3DS announced.
62. Kid Icarus Uprising release date announced. (“Holiday 2011” doesn’t count.)
63. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword release date announced. (“Holiday 2011” doesn’t count.)
64. ‘Wii HD’ controller looks remarkably like the bottom half of a 3DS in terms of features and appearance. (Not close enough, too many differences.)
65. A 3DS can be used as a ‘Wii HD’ controller.
66. Like the Dreamcast’s VMU, the ‘Wii HD’ controller will enable you to take elements of your game ‘on the move’. (Strictly an in-the-home device tied to its ‘mother’ console.)
67. A side-scrolling Metroid game is announced for the 3DS.
68. Super Mario Galaxy 3 is one of the playable ‘Wii HD’ games.
69. Super Mario Galaxy 3 will be a ‘Wii HD’ launch title.

Miscellaneous/Cross-platform E3 Happenings (Any time during E3)

70. Ubisoft announce that an Assassin’s Creed movie will be Ubisoft Motion Pictures’ first production. (We know it’s one of three in development but nothing more.)
71. Assassin’s Creed 3 (the game after Revelations) announced.
72. Ubisoft announce Far Cry 3.
73. Activision wait for E3 for their Modern Warfare 3 reveal.
74. EA announce Mirror’s Edge 2. (“Actively” thinking about it does not count.)
75. EA show a version of Dead Space 2 running on the ‘Wii HD’.

Now I am only human so it is possible I missed something during the news blizzard that was E3.  For any I was not sure about I spent much of Sunday afternoon checking as many sources as sensible.  However if you do have evidence that any are wrong drop me an email using the address and subject from the original E3 Bingo 2011 post including a link to your evidence.



  1. cant remember what i picked :S cant wait for the members bingo!

  2. Curses! Six again! And I had head start by knowing Starhawk existed. Damn damn damn! Next year I’ll get you Gadget, NEXT YEAR!

    • Insider knowledge, surely thats a point deducted

      • I’m sure everyone else had some insider knowledge on other things that I don’t know about :)

  3. I think I got a 6, which is my personal best,so that’ll do.

  4. 6/12 for me. That a 2 in improvement for me. Doubt I won though.

  5. I can’t remember what I choose… I triumphly claim around six

  6. Just did a quick check and I got 5.
    Poor show from me 3 years on the trot now, great fun though cheers Greg

  7. I think I’ve got 5 right, more than what I thought I would get.

  8. 6 for me. :/

  9. 12 for me as I missed the deadline so I will just pick now. Wait a minute…

  10. i think i got 5.

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