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Since last we spoke about inFamous, we’ve published out own verdict on its successor. That was, of course, pretty much the point. Whilst I may seem like a completely unorganised idiot at times, I am occasionally capable of actually doing something relevant. Now let’s see what you had to say about the original title, even whilst some of you were undoubtedly playing the sequel.

Snakefingers13 gets things off to a positive start with some praise for the game that genuinely made me smile. It’s always nice to see someone get that childlike level of excitement about an aspect of game.

Gameplay is fun, and you get a wider range of powers than most superhero games. You start small, but the powers come thick and fast, building up to the awesome endgame powers such as the final power, where you can CALL DOWN LIGHTNING! It makes you feel even more bad-ass than Thor.

If only Thor’s recent game outing had felt that good. Then again Cole doesn’t have a giant hammer when he gets in a tight fix.

As per usual, not everyone was quite so enamoured with the game. For example bacon_nuts pretty much slates every aspect of the game in their review, although always backing it up with solid reasons. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with that.

To start, this is a sandbox game, yet all there is to do other than the ‘story’ is a series of boring side quests, and collect hidden blast shards, which are a total pain and utterly useless. I have several other problems with the game, one of the most prominent is that of the enemies. Nearly all the enemies will happily kill you from a distance while you jump around, this is a problem for me, as Cole’s powers are all medium to near distances, and so enemies will take a pop at you before you can see or hit them, then hiding behind rooftops.

Staying with the game’s negatives for a moment, cam_manutd (in a monster sized review) seemed to feel a lack of connection with poor Cole. Even though he’s busy blasting enemies with electricity he still needs something you can latch on to, some depth.

What dissapoints me here is lack of progression. Your thrown into the aftermath with no knowledge of how this over the top explosion happened. Although it is somewhat explained later on, it does not hide the fact that it could have done more with its opening sequence to set a greater scale of things to come and introduce us to Mr B (Bland) Cole. Emotion and the signs of strain should appear in the game right? Nope not in InFamous even if you do play as the goody two shoes, it does not occur.

Finally, a word from haz360 that seemed to sum it all up nicely.

I’m a sucker(punch!?) for superheroes. I’m a big comic book fan, so when I heard about inFamous, a open-world, PS3 exclusive, which allows you to BE a superhero, that isn’t already an established figure such as Batman or Superman, I was excited.

When I finally got to play the full game, I was certain. I want to be a superhero.

This really is how games should make you feel, how all stories should be at their best. If they can make you feel like the main character then someone’s doing something very right.

Let’s turn to the verdict. This was a little tighter than a lot of verdicts have been, with just one vote in it ultimately. Eleven of you took part this week, with Rent It and Avoid It picking up one vote each. However, then it starts to get tight. There were four of you for Bargain Bin but Buy It just edged it out with five of you selecting it as your verdict. So there you go, get InFamous. It’s even on the Welcome Back Package!



  1. Does the Welcome Back offer count as “Bargain Bin”?

  2. “Nearly all the enemies will happily kill you from a distance while you jump around, this is a problem for me, as Cole’s powers are all medium to near distances”

    Funny that I never had a problem with that. The most basic weapon/power you have can take them out from a long distance but is a laborious affair. So, once you take a shot or two (and realise action is required) you then hit the rooftops or use the walls to your advantage. Get in closer and unleash holy hell depending on your preferred power. Those sort of tactics saw me through the entire game.

    • There’s a sniper shot kinda thingy, though, that oughtta work?

    • That was the one thing that absolutely ruined the game for me too. It felt like the Ai was taking sneaky shots at my back and then hiding when i turned around. Quite a few times i got killed before i could even figure out who was shooting at me. I had even bought the collectors edition at the time so i did give the game a proper go but in the end i traded it in. Picked it up again as part of the Welcome back pack, to give it a second chance, but found the experience even more annoying than the first time i played! :)

    • Ive only just experienced this on Hard difficulty, it is pretty annoying but just use the really long bolt with up on the d pad and blast their face off, sorted ;)

  3. I got this in the welcome back pack. Still haven’t even turned it on. I was thinking about leaving it for a rainy day, but with all the positives people have been giving it I think I may place a bit today.

  4. I thought the beginning of the game was really well made it didn’t tell you much so it keeps the player sucked in to the game to find out more why did that happen and so on and i really like the powers they aren’t pointless like a lot of games might have where you just use one or two of the lets say 5 different powers and the rest are kind of useless so it’s a really good game exactly what a superhero games should be like

  5. One of my favourite games. I love free roam games, and to mix it in with a superhero was great. I will be buying infamous 2, after my exams.
    One criticism I had was the karma system. Not so much the system but the way people responded to you. If I was a super villain I would expect people to do more than just throw rocks at me.

    But at the time, I knew I either wanted infamous or prototype. I went with infamous and I wasn’t disappointed.

  6. Sorry if my review seemed a tad negative. That’s just how I feel. Good to see more variety instead of a straight up win this time though :)

  7. I platted it but strangely I have no excitement about inFamous 2

    • haha, im a few trophies off plat and really have enjoyed the first but like you i hold no interest for inFamous 2 at all

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