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Look, I know you’re all excited about E3. I’m pretty excited myself, and still trying to catch up on what happened overnight at Sony’s conference. However, let’s not forget that there’s still new releases this week, including Sony’s super-powered exclusive – inFamous 2. In honour of its release it seems only fair to take a look back at the original title from back in 2009.

As per usual lets take a look back at what we though of the game when we reviewed it way back when (it seems impossible, but it was before I was even writing for TSA). Our score of 7 caused quite a stir at the time in the comments, but that’s not going to stop me from throwing it to you guys to give your own opinions on. Talking of our opinion, here’s ours.

Recall your fondest sandbox memories: discovering The Truth, learning to fly, or climbing the central tower in Crackdown.  There’s nothing like this in inFamous.  Sure, there’s some nice boss battles, some great shoot-outs and, when it’s all said and done, a decent overarching story, but the moments, the single sections that must piece together to form a whole, are rarely that enjoyable and you certainly won’t be discussing most of them with friends around the watercooler.  What you will do is play it through twice, once being good and just, and the second (as I am doing now) being a complete bastard.  After that?  Probably not.

As always, it’s time to ask if you agree with our thoughts on Cole’s super-powered adventure. Do you love blasting bad guys with lightning, or do you wish that Cole had died in the blast instead of gaining his powers? Head over to the forums and let us know what you think. After you’ve got your opinion down, make sure you rate it on the Buy ItBargain Bin ItRent ItAvoid It scale. Finally, if you want it included in the verdict post on Monday you need to get all of that done by Sunday afternoon, otherwise I’ll have already written the article.



  1. Completely overlooked this when it came out but got it as a freebie, thanks Sony, and I’m actually quite enjoying it.

  2. What happened to the Uncharted 2 weview?

  3. played 4 hours non stop on my free copy last night. great game and am now definitely going to get number 2. sony were very clever giving the first one away for free

    • The timing was pretty good, I’ll give them that.

  4. Started playing this last night (first time round) with thanks to Sony free welcome back download. I am actually really liking it, I hated the demo when it came out, I found it annoying. But so far I have really got into it. Really glad I gave it a chance.

    • Exactly my thoughts Bilbo , i thought the original demo way back when was pretty mediocre but i too picked it up free and im loving it . I got the grenade power thing yesterday and am having a blast . I could see myself getting the sequel now .

  5. If they fix the PS+ expirey glitch i may be able to give you my view.

    • go to account management, then transaction management, then service list. U can then try infamous

  6. with this free on the psn, there is no excuse for not getting it.

  7. I think a score of 7 was justified. I really like the game but it just got too repetitive after a while.

    • there are no games that aren’t repetitive after a while.

      crackdown was one of the most repetitive games I’ve played, and had nothing compelling about it’s story…I can’t even remember what the story was, apart from you are some elite special law enforcement agent in a nano suit…was a great game had a lot of fun…but was dull in comparison.

  8. First 3rd was a bit slow, but once you start getting sick powers, it kicked ass! All over Infamous 2!

  9. This is a great game. My disc copy is now worthless on the trade in market :(

  10. Spent a while downloading and installing my free copy on Sunday. Technically I can see that there are quite a few muddy textures, NPGs sometimes get stuck and start breakdancing and then there are the pop-ups (cars, NPGs, etc.) but, the game as a whole holds together well.
    Like others commenting here, I hated the demo a couple of years ago. I think it probably threw me in to the game at too advanced a level and I didn’t really understand what I was meant to do. The game however, is a different matter. It’s paced quite slowly at the beginning but soon ramps up to bring forth some devastating weapons.
    Yup, the timing by Sony to give this game away is quite canny with inFAMOUS 2 out this week but, I’ll make sure to play through #1 first and then wait for #2 to drop in price as I have 3 (oops, ahem), 2 free games from the PSN to get stuck in to…

    • Oops, sorry. Should have said that if I hadn’t got this free I would have said ‘buy it’, with a slight lilt towards ‘bargain bin it’.

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