Transformers Universe Teaser

Last year Jagex announced they were working on a Transformers MMO and have now released a teaser trailer and some art work. There’s not much to see, however if you sign up for updates via their site you will see another piece of artwork that shows Megatron and Optimus Prime, along with a whole host of other bots in silhouette.

Transformer fans may note that the design of Prime & Megs seems to be a stylised, mature version of the Transformers: Animated robots spliced with Bayformers.

Source: Transformers Universe / YouTube


  1. If it’s Jagex, then I would expect it to be browser-based which could be pretty cool. However, I’m concerned as to whether this will have an impact on their development on Stellar Dawn.

    • That’s exactly what people said when they announced Stellar Dawn’s development with regards to impeding the RuneScape updates. I’m guessing it’s the same as they said then – entirely different teams (graphics, devs, etc), which would explain why I’ve seen so many adverbs floating about for positions there…

      • Or “adverts”, even. Just checked out their jobs page and they’re still advertising for animators, writers, etc for Transformers.

  2. Hmm not a lot to go on there but from what is shown it looks cool so far.

  3. looked cool till it said Jagex…

  4. Can’t they just copy the Transformers game from Atari?…. I hate Runescape anyway so its another game poised to be missed.

  5. I believe I can help out here……This game will be based in the most recent universe of Transformers, named Transformers: Prime. If you wanna go do the research I can provide a link to download all episodes released so far. Even though I’m 16, I’d recommend that show to anyone, it’s actually quite good, especially with the new 3D graphics which look stunning :D If you need any more info just comment ^^

  6. Coolio.

  7. not much of a teaser :P but liking the sound of this

  8. liking this, and SEEMS not long to wait [i thought it would be years to go]

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