First Resistance 3 Developer Diary Revealed

Resistance 3 was one of the many games Sony focused on during their E3 conference and today, they’re following that stage demo up with Resistance 3’s first developer diary.

It has everything you would expect from a dev. diary – gameplay, developer chatter, concept art, etc. but if you’re looking forward to picking up Insomniac’s latest offering this summer, then you’ll definitely want to check this out.


Source: US PS Blog



  1. Love resistance.

    • No you don’t.

      • too much resistance isn’t good for your little man. Use lubrication.

  2. Video doesn’t seem to be loading now, so I’ve found it on YouTube (in HD as well). It’s bloody lovely! All that concept art. The Art Director talking about how colour (and lack thereof) was used. It’s shaping up so well.

    Slinky Linky

    • thanks for the Slinky linky i couldn’t get it to load as well. looking fantastic as always. Its a true resistance now

  3. Looks fantastic, judging by what I’ve seen.

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