No Multiplayer For Saints Row: The Third

Saints Row : The Third will not feature competitive multiplayer as developers Volition felt it was ‘shoe horned’ in to the second game. Associate producer James Torbit has been speaking to Digital Spy.

“Maybe we felt like we shoe-horned it (multiplayer) in a little bit on Saint’s Row 2, because we have these two very different things going on, they’re both very complicated, and we just want to do this, which is very popular, the best.

We wanted to focus from a multiplayer perspective on the co-op, this other co-op mode we can’t talk about, and then the sandbox open-world experience, that’s the heart of the game.

In some ways that competitive multiplayer mode was a distraction from that, and we wanted to say we’re not going to do that and we’re going to make this part of it the best we possibly can. It was a practical decision.”

Will you miss multiplayer from Saints Row: The Third? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Digital Spy



  1. What?

    SR2 pioneered drop-in/out co-op it was great, great fun playing missions with friends, absolutely awesome.
    It was different with randoms in case they’d activated a cheat and it ruined your SP progress, but the co-op was amazing and at the time ground-breaking (unless I’m forgetting another title)

    • Oh, it is co-op.
      That will teach me to quell my rage and read all the article first.


  2. Not too bothered about the competitive multiplayer. Co-op is great news though.

  3. I prefer co-op but it’s a pain when you have no one to play with you which is where multiplayer succeeds as there is (usually) a lot of people who will play whenever.

    • There might be Online coop on top of local coop. Who knows?

  4. As long as the Single player is excellent, i don’t mind. I am interested how the Co-op would be implented. Would the other player be a random Saint or would it be a 2nd in command type of the Saints?

    • Just like SR2 it would be their own character, assuming it’s personalised like SR2. So there’s just 2 of you.

  5. Won’t miss online multi at all, I never go online with anything but CoD once in a while.

    Glad they’re focusing on campaign and co-op, more games would benefit from that approach imho!

  6. Good news. Competitive multi in a game like this simply doesn’t work. Co-op on the other hand is excellent and I don’t think I would have bought SR3 had they got rid of this feature

  7. Finally a step in the right direction. If competitive multiplayer does not suit the game, don’t implement it jsut to have it in there. I love playing local coop.

  8. Split S-c-r-e-e-n, pleeeease??

  9. Loved the co-op in SR2 so I am happy for it’s return. I can’t actually remember the multiplayer games on there. Were they any good?

  10. correct me if i’m wrong here, but co-op is a form of multiplayer isn’t it?

    or does multiplayer only count as multiplayer if you’re trying to kill each other these days?

    now that i think about it, i think many players actually believe that, at least from what i’ve seen playing RDR, even if you enter a friendly map where they can’t shoot you they just shoot your horse.
    and when i played saints row come to think of it, not shooting your horse that is, because as far as i know saints row 2 didn’t have any horses.

    i would guess some players have no grasp of the concept of cooperation.

    of course it doesn’t really matter to me anyway, because i wont be playing saints row 3 online anyway because thq are using their online pass system, which is something i refuse to support so i will not be buying it new.
    and i would have bought the game new too.

    • “correct me if i’m wrong here, but co-op is a form of multiplayer isn’t it?”

      Yes it is, its co-operative multiplayer – or co-op for short. We usually use “Multiplayer” as a cover all term for 5+ players, usually battling againts each other rather than 2-4 working together.. aka co-op

      As we have a rather limited space in the headlines I shortened it down to “Multiplayer” and then mentioned co-op in the sub headline to clear things up.

      • it wasn’t my intention to have a dig at the article.

        i intended it more as a sort of joke comment.
        but then it got me going on the way far too many people seem to equate multiplayer solely with trying to kill each other.
        like the example i gave for red dead redemption.
        i go into friendly mode, and it’s pretty much guaranteed there’ll be a few players whose only goal in the game seems to be attacking other players.
        in FRIENDLY mode.
        it’s a pet peeve of mine.
        yeah, i know, one of many. ^_^

        then i went a bit off topic about the online pass, you can just ignore that bit if you like. ^_^

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