Darksiders 2 Combat Video

Marvin Donald, game director of Darksiders 2, features in this new trailer which details the changes between the first and second games.

The video shows a new level, some new enemies and, rather conveniently, some new weapons to use in new ways to beat them in to a new shape. Darksiders 2 – it’s all about new.

Source: YouTube





  1. haha love the big f**king hammer! Looks alot deeper then DS1, which i enjoyed alot, so will deffo be a buy

  2. Yep – Darksiders was awesome (IMO), so this may even be a day one for me!

  3. Why so glum, chum?

  4. For some reason I just couldn’t get into Darksiders. The puzzles were indeed clever, though dragged out far too long, and the combat felt a tad limited.

  5. Loving the trailers at the moment. That looks pretty good.I’m yet to play the first though. Will eventually pick it up.

  6. I got 100% on DS1. I enjoyed but some of the puzzles were kind of out there. The fighting in this looks good but it seems like it was kind of glitchy it might have just been my connection or the way video was shot

  7. 1st one was pretty good so looking forward to this.

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