Killzone 3 “From The Ashes” DLC Trailer’d

ISA survivors and Hig veterans are in for a treat this month, with the release of a third Killzone 3 content pack. Dubbed “From the Ashes,” the latest batch, which will launch on June 22nd, includes four new maps, the Lente Missile Base and Mobile Factory being the only ones announced as of yet. The DLC will be made available to download at a fair price of £3.99 from the PlayStation Store, with a bundle (including the Steel Rain and Retro packs) running at a sum of £7.99. Yes, that’s eight maps in total, yet still a fraction cheaper than the recently announced Black Ops “Annhilation” DLC.

With a bundle having been announced, some are expecting From the Ashes to be Killzone 3’s last hurrah as far as multiplayer content is concerned, which also raises questions as to what new project Guerilla Games will soon be working on.

Source: Official PlayStation Blog


  1. £3.99 for four maps!! good pricing, i will be getting this, i beleive the other two are radec acemdemy and tharsis depot both from KZ2, and tharsis depot has jetpacks like junkyard :D sounds good

    • Definitely good value. Reminds me of the pricing strategy for the Uncharted 2 content, which I unashamedly bought in whole (even the costume packs :/)

      • great pricing but it’s a shame if they’ve chosen radec and tharsis…there were far better other maps in KZ2. As you say though, great pricing!

      • Yes, I like these prices.
        And I too was somehow convinced to buy the Uncharted costume packs. It’s not like I ever use the skins…

      • I know right. A few of the skins were simply the same characters wearing different coloured clothing, but for £2 a pop, who cares?

      • i must admit i bought every DLC for Uncharted 2 apart from one skins pack, they were all great :D and i have the Steel rain DLC for KZ3 thanks to plus :)

      • and on radec and tharsis, i like the depot but radec was so over played on mp, would prefer the phyrus map

  2. £3.99

    Greedy Activision, take note (not like they care anyway).

  3. The bundle is £7.99 and not £9.99. It’s €9.99 and $9.99, though, which is where the confusion probably arose.

    £4 for 4 maps is good, though.

  4. Could not get into this online. Was continuously picked off from a distance by cloaking snipers that i couldn’t see (obviously). The same reasoning led me into not getting Crysis 2, especially after the mess of a beta. Still, the pack is great value, I just wish other companies would follow suit.

  5. NO zombies?!!

  6. I wouldn’t be so sure that this is the last of the Killzone 3 DLC, it has been pointed out that the recent patch has added trophy unlocks for ‘Radec Academy’ & ‘Tharsis Depot’ which would suggest the high possibility of another Retro DLC pack.Maybe the next retro packs are going to be freebies.

    • (Ignore last post, just realised that GG are bunging two other retro maps into the bundle dlc)

      • Still wrong ;) The latest pack includes 4 maps, 2 of which are new and 2 of which are Radec and Tharsis. All for £4.

  7. £1 a map? Awesomeness.

  8. Don’t you mean “four new maps”, rather than “four news maps”? ;)

  9. Great map design there!

  10. Good on them for keeping the price reasonable with a fair few maps included!

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