Disney Close Split/Second Devs Black Rock

It looks like Disney have closed up Brighton-based developers Black Rock Studios, the team responsible for the rather brilliant Split/Second.

Eurogamer is reporting that the entire workforce were told yesterday, offsite, in Brighton Town Hall.  Apparently Disney handled the developers “clumsily”, outsourcing titles to other studios that Black Rock were capable of producing themselves.


You’ll remember we mentioned that some of the team had already formed Roundcube.  We wish them (and everyone affected) the best of luck.

Source: Eurogamer.



  1. booo, hisss, snarf!

  2. My local City and I know of someone who worked there – shame. Apparently Disney canned a project after spengin £4M on it. Another UK dev gone – and isn’t GamesCon or something saying how well UK devs are doing/expanding?

  3. Bad times. I enjoyed the Demo but not enough to make me buy it.

  4. Shame. It seems the only studious that are still around are the ones that make the massive games.

  5. Racing games being sold under the Disney banner was always going to be harder to sell. They should have used one of their other brands. It’s a real shame they’ve closed as there is clearly a lot of talent there.

  6. I love how publishers blame developers for many things and treat them like some asset. It’s why i’m vowing never to be with a publisher when I do game development XD.

  7. My thoughts go out to those affected by this.
    Split/Second is a brilliantly fun arcade racer and I still play it from time to time.

    • I’m with Del on this one – Although, i thought that i already read that Black Rock were being shut down a few weeks back??

      Have i missed something?

  8. Ah maan. I was gonna apply there.

  9. Dang it Disney still need rank 1 in online! Are servers going to be closed down??

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