Ex Black Rock Staff Form ShortRound Games

TSA were rather fond of Black Rock studios, we gave Split/Second a thunderous 10/10 and just last week I was singing the praises of the criminally overlooked Pure.


Disney have been busy dismembering the team and we have previously reported that Nick Baynes and Ian Monaghan have gone on to form Roundcube Entertainment – now another group of ex-Black Rock staffers have formed a spherical themed development team.

Game director Andrew Hubbard, technical director Kim Burrows, technical art director Stuart Pharoah and creative and art director Steve Uphill have got together to form ShortRound Games, complete with annoying but trendy capital letter ‘R’.

ShortRound (the development tea, not Indiana Jones sidekick) are keen to work on portable platforms. Andrew Hubbard spoke to GamesIndustry.Biz,

We’re in talks with various publishers but not ruling out being self published and are keen to release on iPad or even Sony’s Vita.

One thing that we know is that we want to make games that really suit the platform, there’s too many iOS games that don’t feel natural on a touch screen and leave you yearning for a joypad.

ShortRound have two projects in the pipeline and plan to release some video footage in a few weeks.

Source: GamesIndustry.Biz



  1. A 10/10? This needs a WeView.

    • I agree its unacceptable this calls for it… ( haha…. )

      • 10/10? As much as I love the game……Oh wait, it is that good :3

      • A 10/10 means that Split/Second is better than Uncharted 2. Controversy!

      • Everything is better than Uncharted 2….*legs it*

      • Split Second was/is awesome & totally deserved that 10 – the only crime is that there now won’t be a sequel. :(

      • Monster Hunter > Uncharted 2

    • It actually got a 9.5000000000000001

      Damn rounding-up!

      Nope, the finest racer for many, many, many years and I stand by it

  2. Well I wonder it is, hopefully a racer that makes most of the Vita than the ipad :/. So I will hope to hear more news in the far futuruuue.

  3. Looking forward to hearing more. A great recer for the Vita would be brilliant.

  4. Would love to see them develop for the Vita, it’s rare to find racing games that work well on iOS, Real Racing is pretty much the only good one.

  5. “No time for sequel, Doctor Jones!”

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