Black Rock Looking For Split/Second Feedback

Black Rock Studios, the developers behind explosive racer Split/Second, have launched an online survey to collect feedback on their most recent game.

“This is an opportunity to provide feedback on your game experience, and help to shape future Black Rock Studio titles,” reads the introduction to the survey. The questionnaire focuses on five areas: tracks, game modes, vehicles, sound, and Power Plays, asking about player’s favourite and least favourite parts of the game.


The results will be used for future Split/Second updates and DLC, as well as the studio’s future projects, so if you’ve played the game, head over to the survey and have your say.



  1. id be more than happy to provide feedback, if they would provide me with a free copy of the game! ;) wishful thinking over.

  2. Don’t come out the same day as red dead again! We had bulks of your game which just could’t face down red dead.

  3. Great game, left my feedback this early this morning

  4. It really is a great game, just send them my feedback

  5. Dont release it so close to other racer games

  6. Done – Shame some responses weren’t multiple choice though, as i could have selected a number of answers for some of the questions!

  7. As everyone has said, it was a terrible release schedule. If it had come out this week, there would have been a lot more buzz and I reckon it would have sold a lot more because of that

  8. I played this way more than Red Dead Redemption, but then I like racers. One of the best releases for PS3, awesome game. My only gripe is the sound normalization and NO STEERING WHEEL SUPPORT!

    • Interestingly enough, there was no question for ‘Would you like to see the integration of steering wheel support’, so you might still be out of luck on that one!

  9. Loved this game and just left my feedback.
    I’m actually more hopeful for a sequel as opposed to DLC but support of any kind is good for the game.

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