TC’s Massive Poll: Battlefield 3 vs Modern Warfare 3

Alternate Universe Introduction

You eyes slowly flicker open, you have no idea how long you have been unconscious or where you are. The last thing you can remember was the battle, there must have been sixteen of your squad fighting against the insurgents but somehow one of the enemy had mange to creep up behind you. A flash of pain as a rifle butt slammed in to your skull is the last thing you can recall.

You are sat on a wooden chair that creaks noisily as you struggle but despite your attempts you cannot move, your arms are tied firmly behind back. You are a prisoner.

The light from a dying fire helps your eyes adjust to the gloom and you can just make out the walls of a cave, and in one corner a computer screen.

As the screensaver flicks through pictures of Tom Hardy you begin to notice other details. A flag with a mysterious symbol hangs from a wall, it is white and blue and the symbol looks similar to an asterisk. Various weapons are stacked in the corner of the room; sadly they are all out of reach.

Suddenly a curtain on the far wall is flung open and a tall, gruff looking man walks in. It is the leader of the insurgents, a fearsome Russian known throughout the world as Peter the Awesome. His two henchmen, Aleks and Kristoff follow him in to the cave.

Aleks begins to speak. “You dirty pig-dog! You are our prisoner now, there is no escape from clutches of TSA! Do you know where you are?”

Kristoff chuckles quietly and leans towards you, “You are in Tuffcub’s cave at the back of the TSA office!”

“You must choose. If you do not choose then we shall unleash the Cub. Choose carefully for the fate of millions rests in your hands,” shouts Peter.

Both Aleks and Kristoff laugh. It is an evil laugh, a laugh that strikes terror in your heart.

“Choose now,” commands Peter, “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 or Battlefield 3. Which will you be buying?”

Real Universe Introduction

Hello everyone, I thought I would resurrect my Massive Poll to see if we can predict which will sell more, Modern Warfare 3 or Battlefield 3.

Please cast your vote above, the poll closes at midnight on Sunday and the results will be published next week. Get voting!



  1. BF3 for me. I almost snap that shit of a game, Black Ops, in pieces the other other day. Been playing allot more BFBC2 these and ENJOYING it, and not screaming at the tv.

  2. A quick update: This is by the far the most popular Massive Poll, we should fly past vote no. 1000 in the next hour.

    I’ve been keepin an eye on the voting and you really do not want to miss Monday’s results show

  3. Easy: Both.

  4. probably both but B3 on day 1 it is priced right.

  5. too many games and too little student loan, I’m more leaning to uncharted, skyrim and the new AC

  6. 1,500 votes..

  7. I’ve just voted, I’m actually getting both. I felt a bit tired of Call of Duty, although recent footage and details have been getting me more interested, so I’ve been keeping an eye on BF3 for some time now. So I preordered it, and the next day my girlfriend told me she’s preordered MW3. So I would be foolish to not make the most of this

  8. Will buy BF3, because if I find it like other DICE game’s and I don’t like it, I’ll be able to trade it in 2 weeks later and get MW3 for a fiver, if I do like it there will be a supermarket offer on MW3 anyway

  9. No offense to Infinite Ward,but I’m gonna put MW3 on the backburner for Battlefield 3. Just looks like it’ll be the more interesting title from what I saw so far. I’ll buy both eventually;really curious if either game can break the hold KZ3 has on me.

  10. BF3 is a certainty for me. MW3 has a lot to answer for before I buy it.

    Poll is closed now.

    So what’s the result?

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