30 Minutes Of Deus Ex Footage Released

30 minutes of Deus Ex footage has been released by IGN, which covers topics such as the hacking mini-game and the energy resource system’s style of regeneration.

Grab yourself a cuppa and enjoy.





Source: IGN



  1. Not going to watch these. I’m really looking forward to this game, has the potential for goty and I’d rather enter it ignorant to everything, fresh experience.

    • There aren’t any big spoilers, just a brief discussion at the beginning of the first video of the very beginning of the game. Mainly the videos show the different game mechanics, stealth vs shooting etc. So you wouldn’t ruin anything for yourself, it only shows a small section.

      • Game mechanics, for me, are spoilers, I’d rather learn them in the game environment, especially for an RPG like this where there appear to be only 3 ways of doing something.

      • I’m not going to watch it either. Though that’s more to do with the post Steam-sale download frenzy maxing out my download limit. Curse you 64kbps bandwidth cap!!

  2. Cool. It’s PS3 footage too which is awesome.

  3. working now but will enjoy this later.. :)

  4. video adverts….grrrrrrrr.

  5. Video 2 and 3 are nearly exactly the same as the 12 minutes of Deus Ex video posted a few days ago, so if people have seen that already I would advise just watching the 1st video above, as you won’t see anything new in the other 2. It’s looking good though, can’t wait for the reviews to come out.

  6. Video adverts are like having your face rubbed with a cheese grater.
    Looking like this is going to be awesome. Just hope that it actually will be.

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