GTA V Appears and Disappears From Gamestation Website

Ever since Grand Theft Auto IV released in April 2008 for the PS3 and Xbox 360, fans of the series have been speculating about the next instalment. It’s been over three years since GTA IV released and surprisingly we have yet to see any official announcement for the latest GTA title.

On Monday we posted an article on how the Xbox magazine is expecting an announcement for Grand Theft Auto V this summer. Now we’ve got word that GTA V happened to appear very briefly on the website for UK retailer Gamestation. It also apparently featured on a release schedule for the retailer.

So what does this really mean? Is an announcement imminent? Was it a simple mistake? As always we have to take it with a pinch of salt, but we’re all ready for an announcement even if Rockstar Games are not!

Source: Gamezines, via CVG


  1. It’s probably about time to be fair.

    If they are wise, they will inject a bit more maniacal fun back into it.

    • Aslong as they don’t inject it with, the same substance as saints row(I like s.row.) A happy medium, between that & iv for me.

    • The industry insiders are saying that the next GTA will be PS3-only, the Xbox is holding things back dev-wise, in both storage and CPU departments.

      • Oh sure, like rockstar or 2k would have there profits just to make a slightly better game.

      • lol yeah… i’m sure rockstar would rather grudgingly pay for another DVD and make it a 2 disc game for xbox, if it was that big, than loose millions of dollars not releasing it on one of the major consoles

    • Personally, I loved GTAIV. It felt quite real, but slightly bizarre at the same time. Made it easier to understand how people fall into lives of crime & gangs.

      • Me too, i’m not alone:) I love both styles of iv & san andreas. Personally, I found the last gta to be refreshing, in its more toned down style. Long may gta remain & long may they keep mixing the styles up.

      • Personally, just give me Vice City HD with trophies & i’ll be a very happy bunny.

    • But this was for pre-ordering on the Gamestation website, not in-store?

  2. It occurs to me that all companyx has to do is to ‘accidently’ list gtav or whatever on their site and they immediatly get worlwide coverage from games sites like ours, a massive traffic and quite possibly some extra sales. Its starting to become a regular occurrence. Apols for any typos I’ve had quoite a lot of champers and I’m on my blackberry :)

    • Sloshed mid-afternoon on a Thursday?! You drunkard ;) That said if I had booked this afternoon off work I would probably be in a similar state :D

    • celebrating, are we?!

    • Sad really companies like Gamestation do this. Everybody knows that this has not been announced yet. What idiot is ‘accidently’ putting this on their website?
      There is nothing accidental about it.

  3. I’d say the announcement is inevitable to be honest.

  4. come on Rockstar drop the bomb.

  5. It will have to be groundbreaking to win me over…..

  6. There must be a new one soon surly?!

  7. I just hope it’s set in London, although if the rumours are to be believed, it’s not looking likely.

    • I’d be upset if it was. It wouldn’t be gta to me, more like getaway on steroids.

    • Wasn’t gta 1 set in London? I’d love to see a new gta set here.

    • Nah not London, it HAS to be set in America to keep its “GTA-ness”.

      I hope its something to do with San Andreas or related to it somehow.

      • I don’t agree that GTA needs an american feel. Although I do think any UK related city would be wrong. Not because there’s not crime, but because there’s no guns. I personally would love Hong Kong, or Rio D. J. I believe that in order for a location to be valid most of the things you do in game must exist in the real city, IMO its what’s attractive about GTA. Miami, L.A., NYC are violent cities, but they’re also very vibrant visually. Which makes running around them attractive and interesting. A city like Tokyo would look great but Tokyo is too clean to feel authentic, whereas Mexico City is definitely gritty enough, it’s just has no color. Cities like Hong Kong, and Rio… and possibly Moscow IMO are a perfect blend of style and violence- IMO. I’m aware crime is global, but style isn’t. IMO if your going to do London again it’s got to be another earlier time period, after all how many cameras are in London today. Although it would mess with alot of gamers driving on the left instead.

      • Thing about a gta in london/uk is, it’ll be overwhelmed with one accent, a cokney one. We english do have varied accents, even in london. (no disrespect to cokneys, i lived in london for 2yrs & made a few cokney friends.) Leave a london style gta to bondi.(may help them build bridges with R* lol.)

      • cokney – cockney

  8. when they do announce it i’ll have lost that excitement and just be shocked its not a rumor

  9. Can’t wait can’t wait can’t wait can’t wait can’t wait!!

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