Rumour: GTA V Announcement This Summer

In a totally unscientific and very casual survey I had a look at how many times we have reported rumours about Grand Theft Auto V in the past year.

There have been Australian retailers, casting calls, domain registrations, rumours from VGHQ, typos, blurry screens, rumours about Hollywood, a new action game,  rumours from Game Reactor, analysts, analysts and more analysts.

Now Official Xbox magazine (as spotted by a forum user on NeoGAF) has joined the speculation by indicating the game will be announced this summer.  “Time’s up, says The Ball,” says the magazine, vaguely. “Expect Grand Theft Auto V to be announced later this summer.”

I suggest you file this rumour in the same folder as all the other rumours and just wait until the game is officially announced.

Source: NeoGAF.



  1. Round folder? What’s a round folder? (Googles)

    Ooh, I want a round folder!

  2. Meh, don’t really care. GTA4 was rubbish by comparison to GTA3 and Vice City (imo of course). It’s Saints Row all the way for me these days :)

    • I’m really looking forward to Saints Row.
      Not that bothered about GTA though.

      • SR3 looks absolutely insane :D Full co-op play is always a bonus too.
        Until the GTA series drops all the ‘serious’ vibes seen in GTA4 I’m not interested in the slightest.

    • I whole heartedly agree with you Mr. Eldave0.

    • San Andreas FTW

  3. Love the GTA series so this news excites me, just have to wait for an official announcement and then we know its real :) by the way what GTA do we prefer Vice City or San Andreas?

    • San Andreas definatly i spent soo much time on that game and completed it god knows how many more, Riding up to the top of the huge mountain and jumping off with a mountain bike loved it.
      Im also looking forward to Saints Row 3, and didnt really like GTA 4 but they must have learned that the seriousness didnt appeal so heres hoping for a funnier GTA this time around.

    • I liked both but I found Vice City the better of the two. Awesome soundtrack and didn’t feature those annoying ‘turf-wars’ seen in SA

      • Yes, and yes.
        Although really, GTA3 is the one that made me go wow and the one that i played the most.

      • GTA3 was definately the best overall. Still one of the favourite games :)

      • GTA3 is still the only one that I actually enjoyed playing without cheats.

        Definitely the best.

    • Vice City ftw, I would love to play in a remodelled and expanded Vice City. I remember pulling wheelies on my motorbike on Ocean Drive in Vice City. Good memories :)

  4. Well the rumours suggest its LA, so here’s hoping for San Andreas scale! Although I loved GTA4 I really hope they implement co-op a bit better this time around, that way you can have a bit more fun with friends!

  5. Here’s hoping it’s in a completely new city this time!

    • Different country might be nice! UK please!

      • Yeah, London is the only existing GTA location that hasn’t been redone yet. Plus it looks like Getaway 3 will never see the light of day so it would be a nice compromise. But yeash, somewhere new please. I’m sick of Vice/Liberty City and San Andreas.

      • no thank you, usa or it aint gta.

      • Yeah a different country would be a must for me. Another London setting would be awesome.

        Changing the setting is probably the only way to make me buy it, truth be told. I’ve found the more recent GTA offerings to be tedious beyond belief.

  6. I love GTA4’s multiplayer, but thats it. Not that interested…

  7. Ooooh, love a good rumour.

  8. I didn’t like the last one so wont bother with this. Its become a very stale series.

  9. GTA IV was ok but I just didn’t like Nico at all.

    I prefer San Andreas over any GTA game. I hope GTA V is based around a African American and a gangster/hip hop theme.

    • Ughh no. The whole black gangsta in da hood thing was the only thing I didn’t like about SA, apart from all the glitches.

      I’d wanna see another Italian American mafia thing like Vice City, and if it were set in VC, that would be awesome.

      • They’ve got a whole wealth of gang land types to go for and placers too. Why stick to convention? They could set it in China, Japan, UK, hell even Russia. All would be a really nice change.

  10. again?

    but i’m sure there will actually be an announcement this time. >_>

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