Live Action Deus Ex Trailer Is Grim

A new, live action trailer has been released for Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

It focuses on the cost of augmentations to humans, and isn’t exactly what one might call cheery.


Still, at least it’s nearly the weekend…



  1. Would be a good idea if it wasn’t private. Maybe we could all view it then :-(

    • Its not – works for me! (c) Soundwave

      • It was private this morning (and not viewable). But then the article was removed after I placed my comment.


  3. Have I got deja vu of this being posted this morning o_O


    • yep. apparently the embargo was 7.30pm, not am…

  4. This game is shaping up to be so good, I think my eyes will bang upon release.

  5. That video was 100% fantastic!

    Haven’t red or seen anything about this game but seeing that I’ve got a big feeling that this might be my sort of game!

  6. Viva la revolution.

  7. HAHA, I enjoyed the “We’ve hacked their site” at the end there.

    Love a bit of doom and despair with my gaming. That really managed to paint a depressing state of world affairs for the game to drop right into.

  8. That was pretty cool, has me looking forward to it even more now.

  9. Blinding.

    The website is up too…

    • Yes, just looked at that, there’s another video on there too.

  10. Love it,do hope they stay faithful to the original but more than that i love it.
    This and the recent Fear3 movies have both been awesome.

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