Silent Hill HD Collection Trailer Surfaces

Konami has been really quiet about the Silent Hill HD Collection. It turns out that a new trailer was shown at this year’s Comic-Con in San Diego. It’s shaky cam footage but it’s better than nothing.

Not much is known about the Silent Hill HD Collection but it has been confirmed that the voice acting is being redone for both games. It’s unknown if the music is being changed or not, but it doesn’t seem likely. The improvements to the visuals, while somewhat difficult to see in the trailer, are a step up from the PS2 versions. This is especially true if you tried playing them on an HDTV.

Source: NeoGAF


  1. Day one oh yes. Time for bed now. Big beer session with my buddies tomorrow.

  2. Great stuff; looking forward to this almost as much as the Team Ico Collection. I loved SH2 back in the day and never played SH3 bar the demo, so will definitely be picking this up.

    There aren’t enough proper horror games these days, so these HD versions as welcome. As good as Dead Space is, for instance, they’re really action games with horror elements and a bit too much reliance on cheap shocks. Silent Hill is fear-inducing in a way no other console game I’ve ever played has been.

    • Definitely.
      The only one which came close was Siren Blood Curse.

      • Agreed, Siren Blood Curse was (and still is) excellent ;)

    • If you have a decent enough PC/Mac then I highly recommend Amnesia: The Dark Descent. I’ve never felt terror like that since the likes of the original Silent Hill.

  3. I have this on pre-order! So excited about it.

  4. I’ve never played any of the Silent Hill games, so these are a definite, but those screenshots really don’t look too good! It was the same with the God of War games too, they may be HD but the graphics are noticeably poor!

    • I think it looks great actually. Silent Hill 2 has a grain filter that’s heavily apparent in the screenshots. It doesn’t help that one of those images is in a very dark room.

      You can see that the character models look phenomenal though.

    • To be honest they don’t look much different from the PS2 version, like you I don’t see a great difference in HD remakes so far!

    • GOD of war looked ok I thought tony & played excellent loved revisiting it.

  5. Can’t see any difference in graphical quality myself, I think people are just seeing something they want to see. IMO the original versions don’t look bad even today so I’ll b sticking with them.

    • but there is a difference other wise it would be pointless plus you get 3D & Trophy support I will be getting this day one.

      • Plus it’s widescreen, which is already a huge difference.

      • Unless the point would be to make more money on a product that’s already been made, in many ways HD remakes is a simple easy money option surely?

      • what ever the company makes it for is there business if I like something I buy it there motives are no interest to me personally.

      • Wow Brilliant. Does it offer anything new to the gameplay? No? Ok I’ll stick with my original, non widescreen versions which still look pretty damn good to me.

      • then play your PS2 games then & respect the fact others are happy to play the remakes.

      • Considering the likes of me who does not own a ps2 and missed out on alot of good games on that console due to I was a GTA and FIFA fan only on the ps2, all of these HD remakes are superb in my book…. And defo on my to buy list!

      • It’s gives those who missed out on the originals a chance to play them. I was a FPS addict during the PS2 days and thus missed them. I want to play them as i have heard they are good and i don’t own a PS2 or a BC PS3.:)

      • Lol So I can’t have an opinion now? And if I do it means I’m being disrespectful? Get off your high horse, just because I don’t personally don’t want to buy it or see no improvement does not mean that I don’t think it’s a good idea for those who missed them the first time round. I just don’t see why only slapping the letters HQ on them makes them playable today.

      • good for you jay rides of into sunset lol.

      • you can not see the difference to standard def movies & BluRay upgrades ether then?

  6. Yes, definite buy! Silent Hill Homecoming trophy patch would still be appropriate, but maybe we need to wait for the PS4 HD+ remake of that one then? :)

  7. YES! I never played any of the Silent hill games but i have heard they are good and i want to get them just to see if they are good. I hope SCEE give back Silent Hill 1 when this comes out so that we have a chance to own most of the Silent hill games.;D

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