Take A Look At The Knight From Trine 2

Oh hi, Trine 2, I was beginning to wonder if you had been given the chop! It’s been a while, but some new footage from the gorgeous looking Trine 2 has been released, this time focusing on the Knight character.

The game will be available to download this September for the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

Source: FrozenbyteGames



  1. The colours in this game are just a joy. The first one was a thoroughly enjoyable puzzle/platformer, if slightly pricey, and I’ll be picking this up on release.

    • Who needs bright colours when you can go black and white to depress your way to praise from the gaming press? Worked for Limbo ;)

      • “praise from the gaming press”

        Key point there, mugsy. Gaming press, I am not.
        I regularly find myself in disagreement with gaming press which I very rarely air but Limbo … to say I was unimpressed would is a gross understatement and I’ll leave it at that before I generate dozens of comments condemning my right to an opinion.

        I’m looking straight at Trine 2 to restore what little faith I have left in the 2D puzzle/platformer genre.

      • “to say I was unimpressed would is a gross understatement”

        yeah, I gathered that much. I’m only teasing about Limbo, I just know you’re not a fan. Back on topic I agree with you over the first Trine, was great fun – and I think the quality justified the price.

      • I know you were tempting me with the mention of Limbo. ;)

        Something I never tried when I played the game was the co-op system so hopefully I’ll be able to give it a go when the new game launches.

        Another platinum trophy list would be nice. After recently completing Lara Croft and the GoL, I thought that definitely could’ve been a platinum too.

    • It was slightly pricey, I agree, though just cheap enough to seem decent. This looks like it’ll be an improvement over the first one so a similar price would be acceptable.

  2. So gorgeous at this time of the morning… Am I really awake? :)
    nice to see an improvement of the knights abilities as I used him the least in the first game.

  3. I played trine continuously until platinum so I can’t wait for this!

  4. “Hey look the knight can do all the stuff you could do in the previous game except for slightly changing the direction of water!”
    This is why I’m still not pumped about Trine 2 – I loved the first game and platinumed it, but there seem to be hardly any new abilities shown in these trailers. I’ll make my decision when it gets released methinks

  5. That reminds me- must play Trine.
    I bought it months ago in some sale or other, but haven’t gotten around to it yet…

    • I have the first one on my hard drive too. Need to start it soon as not long till this is out. The video looks great. Love the colours.

  6. Nice :) Looking forward to Trine 2 since it was announced last year. The first game is brilliant!

  7. Man this game is just looking beautiful! I’m so impressed. That water was a particular highlight.

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