Kinectimals Getting Bears Expansion

Kinectimals was quite widely misunderstood when it was released. Sure, it was a cutesy, kid-friendly virtual pet so we can understand a lot of you not wanting to tear your eyes away from whatever imagined war games or motor racing you were engaged in. If you were in the right market though, it was charming, interesting and it worked well with Kinect.

The selection of big cats that you could foster might not have been enough for some though, and it always seemed likely that we’d see more animals added at some point.


There’s a new guide, Bumblina, and five new perpetually-infantine animals to choose from. There are Black, Grizzly, Cinnamon, Glacier and Polar bears included to help you explore a previously uncharted island off the coast of Kinectimals’ Lemuria.

The game, Kinectimals, Now With Bears! will be available this autumn on disc for £39.99 or as a downloadable expansion for those who already own the original game. There will also be new plushies in the range that accompanies the game.

Source: Press Release.



  1. I am sad for the sole reason that Tuffcub didn’t write this post.

  2. Thats quite expensive for Bears.

    • it’s ambiguous in the press release but I think that’s for the whole original game and the bears expansion. No word of pricing for the downloadable version of the expansion.

  3. Unless they allow us to kill the bears and animals, no deal.What? That is what kinectmals is for right? Beating up animals and then swearing at them.:p

    That’s a rippoff for an expansion. I would have thought it would have been £10-£15.

    • kill a tiger?


    • The £40 is for Kinectimals (now with more bears) – I supect that the Bears DLC will probably weigh in at around the £10-£15 price mark that you mentioned.

  4. The new guide is called WHAT? How rude.

    • I didn’t notice the rude name untill you mentioned it. That gave me a bit of a chuckle. I think they got a kid to name it.;p

  5. I read that as beer expansion and for a second there, had a reason to dust off my Kinect.

  6. I imagine this will painful for the bears in Bunimomike’s fantasy. Get the tape ready!

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