PlayStation To Sponsor GAMEfest

The PlayStation brand has been announced as the ‘headline sponsor’ for the upcoming GAMEfest video games show and key Sony titles will be playable at the event.

“This includes Insomniac’s tense sci-fi FPS, Resistance 3, and Naughty Dog’s incredible-looking follow-up to Nathan Drake’s smash-hit 2009 outing, Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception!” says the excitable press release.


Sony joins a host of publishers at the event including Activision, Bethesda, Nintendo, Microsoft, EA, Disney, THQ, Sega, Ubisoft, Namco Bandai and, er, fizzy pop drink ‘Mountain Dew’.

The event runs from 16-18 September in Birmingham, from 10am – 5pm each day. Tickets are £10 for adults (aged 12 or older) or £5 for Children (aged 11 and under) and you can buy them here.

Please note you that to buy tickets will need a GAME reward card – you will have to purchase something from GAME if you have not already done so.

Source: GAMEfest 




  1. Birmingham. Awesome.

    In so much as Birmingham isn’t London.

    • I used to live in Birmingahm. I now live in London. London is better.

  2. Shame its in Birmingham. London is much easier to get to from where I live so Eurogamer gets my vote again this year :D

    • I’ll be at eurogamer too.

      Although Birmigham is closer to me, it was already decided that me & the wife would do eurogamer this year.

  3. Anyone over 12 is considered an adult? Wow how much younger can they keep pushing the threshold for paying adult prices

    • Well they play Cod so its justified.

  4. Isn’t there ever Irish ones? seems to be so low-key

    • Peter is going to set up his PS3 in his garage one Sunday.

  5. Birmingham. Might talk to the missus and get her to go with me.

  6. Looking forward to this going on Saturday with the gf, should be good fun.

  7. Hooray for not being london ^_^

    • boo for not being Belfast.


  8. 2 hours from me. I need to go to this.

    • Might pop along myself, it’s not far from me either, now I just need to con someone into going with me…

  9. I run a gaming site at and wanted to buy a GAMEfest ticket to do realtime coverage of whats going on. However, the fact that they only accept credit cards is ludicrous as I only have debit cards. T_T

  10. Sony sponsoring this? May be a smart move on their part to get more in-store promotion. Every game store I have been in, anywhere, ever has always pushed the 360 a LOT! Some may even say too much, and to unjustifiable levels…

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