What We Played #11

What We Played

We begin this week’s What We Played with a plug for TSA’s Killzone 3 Boot Camps. We began the Boot Camps with the release of Killzone 2 so that we could all find our feet with the game in a friendly, abuse- and spawn camper-free environment. Not heard Helghan called a friendly environment before have you.

The Boot Camps are still running for Killzone 3 and this week Tuffcub has been hanging out there, though he’s keeping schtum on the subject of whether Kitteh is still helping him out with his grenade handling skills.

Other than Killzone 3 he’s been working through White Knight Chronicles: Origins for our forthcoming review, becoming really angry in a way that he can’t talk about and joining in the rough and tumble, on a virtual rugby pitch, in Jonah Lomu Rugby Challenge.

Toby’s been away from his PS3 for a while and on his return has broken out an old favourite, Battlefield: Bad Company 2

[It has] reminded me what Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 needs to do to to get Battlefield in its sights. A repeat with new maps isn’t an option – it has to offer a diverse range of new features, whilst ensuring that Call of Duty ELITE is really worth paying for. I’m looking forward to seeing the sales figures for each, and whilst early indications point to a strong Battlefield lead, I’d be very surprised if it could dent Call of Duty in the sales department.

Also playing B:BC2, but this time on PC, was Josh who is fighting his way through the campaign. He’s played the community-assisted minis title Gamocracy One: Legend of Robot “but got very annoyed with the way it handles deaths”. Then it was a spell of PC tower defense game Revenge of the Titans but that only left him needing to play “reigning king of the genre PixelJunk Monsters on PS3. It’s soooo gooood.”

[videoyoutube]After that it was time for some charity work. Well, charity play actually. This year’s Humble Indie Bundle has just been released. Featuring five great indie titles (Crayon Physics Deluxe, Cogs, VVVVVV, Hammerfight and And Yet It Moves) at a price of your own naming it’s a fantastic opportunity to get some great games.

Not only that but you can choose how the money you pay is split between the developers, the Child’s Play charity, the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the admin costs of running the Humble Indie Bundle promotion.

The games come DRM-free and you have a choice of platforms; Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Between myself and Josh we’ve played Crayon Physics Deluxe, Cogs and VVVVVV, all off which we can highly recommend.

Rather than playing Battlefield, a battlefield was created in the heart of England as Chris found himself mounting a defense of his own homefront when Homefront tried to establish a beachhead, riding in on a Lovefilm-sponsored landing craft. It was swiftly repulsed before even getting near to his PS3 following Chris’ “extraordinarily unspectacular experience with the demo”. The principal beneficiaries of his defensive action were Gran Turismo 5, PES 2012 and Warhawk.

Jen has been feeling a bit under the weather lately but you can’t keep a dedicated gamer down so she’s still managed to find some time for a couple of games. First up was DiRT 3. At least until she found herself falling asleep while taking corners and discovered she still hasn’t got sleep-drifting nailed.

After that she broke out her 3DS for a bit of Zelda, but probably not the one you’d think…

Zelda: Link’s Awakening has been my most played 3DS game despite it being an old game available on the virtual console. Love it and still remember a surprising amount of it from when I played it years ago as a kid. I’d be controversial enough to say I enjoy it more than Ocarina of Time. Eeek!

Eeek indeed. We now turn to Alex who is no doubt standing by to mount a staunch defense of Ocarina of Time… except he isn’t. He’s too busy either having great fun with Forza Motorsport 3’s multiplayer or pre-occupied trying to get the latest set of graphics together for the game he and Michael are making.

One for the car spotters amongst you...

In stark contrast to the odd couple of games that most of us have played, Dan played a “bazillion” games at Hyper Japan but even that was not enough for him.

I’ve had a blast playing One Epic Game as well, which really captures the “just one more go” factor. Forza 3 has also seen some play time, as i picked up the ultimate edition with all DLC for £15. It’s such an amazing racer, and much more my style than GT5. Online games of car ‘tag’ are epic!

It seems that Forza is something of a theme this week as Blair has also succumbed:

A group of TSAers and myself have been playing Forza 3 online every other night for the past week, it’s an absolute blast and tag mode is hilariously fun (one player is ‘it’ and must tag others to lose the ‘it’).

I’m quite rubbish at racing but that hasn’t stopped me honing my skills throughout the Season mode. It’s quite strange that I enjoy Forza so much due to my hatred of simulation style racers, I usually opt for Kart or Arcade racers, so it’s a nice change I suppose.

[drop]Perhaps he’s been playing Forza to try and purge memories of his quick dabble with Duke Nukem Forever as the usually talkative Blair expressly wants to avoid talking about that game. His experience with Ms. ‘Splosion Man was much more positive. He says that it’s “an excellent 2.5D platformer. Although it can get quite frustrating it’s mostly frantic fun.”

He’s been having yet more fun with LEGO Harry Potter, which he calls “a quirky, easy take on the franchise” that takes him “back to the old days of LEGO Star Wars”. If LEGO Star Wars counts already counts as “old days” then I’m even more past it than I previously thought.

Speaking of myself, after reading Dan’s review last week I had to pick up Bastion at the weekend. Whilst it was downloading I had a quick wander through the game library on my Xbox 360 and spotted that Peter was ahead of me in the overall leaderboard for Trials HD.

After a quick go to narrow the gap, Bastion finished downloading and I headed off in that direction. Peter’s lead will not be there for long though now he’s made himself a target by poking his nose out in front of the herd.

As for Bastion, Dan was right, it’s brilliant. If you can, you should play it. That is all.

What have you been playing? Has one of TSA’s reviews prompted you to part with your cash for a game this week?


  1. Love the subtitle. Need to go and play Bastion again now :oD

    • It was that line of narration in the first few minutes of the game that convinced me I was going to love it.

  2. Forza sounds popular lately, hope it has better online connection success than GT5 has been having lately :(
    I’ve just played the usual GT5, almost completed SBK 11 and made a start on TDU2…a very slow to get going game!

    • TDU2 is very slow and kinda creepy with the rather ugly Sim like quality to the characters and features like clothes and houses. But I found the best thing about TDU2 is to just drive. I drove to cover the roads for hours just merrily knowing that I’m enjoying my driving but it’s not for nothing, I’m covering % of road too :) My girlfriend has the game currently though and I’ve not been able to play it since March and she hasn’t either because I accidentally deleted her save as I thought I could copy mine over to hers so she would be able to buy the cars she wanted – she won’t do the races unfortunately :p.

      Oh and I’ve been playing F1 2010 a lot, had 20 races last night with Crazy_Del and found myself absolutely fascinated by finding how online XP works for that game. Anyone know? I found a custom setup which should net us a few points.

      Also been at Portal 2 single player, great fun :) and I finally completed Hunted: The Demon’s Forge and Alice: Madness Returns.

      Oh oh oh, let me not forget using GET FIT WITH MEL B! Which was a fantastic workout and although I started giving her abuse when my movement wasn’t recorded properly, that only happened twice and the rest was just sweaty but energetic :)

  3. Infamous 2 again for me this week. Got my platinum trophy last night :) Great game but the moral-choice system needs to be developed further in the next release. It had its moments but overall my good and bad playthroughs just didn’t feel different enough for me. Having said that the *completely* different endings was a nice touch

  4. I’m still in PC world this week, playing some Left4Dead2 and making slow progress in the Witcher 2. Also still can’t decide if I like Team Fortress 2 or not…

    • a dam you i really want to get my hands on the witcher but alas pc problems

      • 360 port is on its way apparently :) Thats what I’m holding out for

      • It is a an awesome game and beautiful to look at, I’d definitely recommend getting it if the 360 version can come close to it..

  5. I just managed to download Limbo last night. . . I’m scared to go outside now

    • Ditto my friend. Got it last night and am loving it so far. Great buy. Great game.

  6. I’m halfway through my second playthrough of Ricochet HD, found a few more secret flowers in flower, i beat Golden Axe for the first time in my life :) and despite my expectations i enjoyed a few hours of Comet Crash last night. Also tried out the Dead Block demo which was quite good but i found the music rhythm bits frustrating.

    • How is Ricochet HD? I love brick breakers, but i just wasnt sure about that one for some reason.

    • I am currently working my way through Golden Axe. It won’t be my first time, but it will be the first time in like 20 years.

  7. I think the only thing I’ve played this week is the NHL 2011 demo.

    I haven’t bought anything for weeks but I’m hoping to be able to scrape enough pennies (or cents, rather) for Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

    • I’ve got my credit card lined up to take an Augmented hit with my pre-order. I can worry about paying off the credit card later. :-)

      • I have the Augmented Edition pre-ordered also, cannot wait for Deus Ex :)

        I got $20 off due to them losing my Collectors edition pre-order :(

  8. I installed Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 on my laptop as it’s pretty much the only game it can run but I’ve been addicted to it the last week! Also had a bit of a dabble with my Bury career on FM2011 but things aren’t going too well.

    As for PS3 I’ve continued my (very long) quest for the Just Cause 2 platinum, which I’m loving every minute of, I’d go as far as to say it is the perfect sandbox game. The variety of fun stuff to do is just so incredible that I forget how hilariously unrealistic it is, but that’s no bad thing.

    And I’ve got back in to FIFA Ultimate Team since they’ve started doing the summer transfers, I just had to get myself a Liverpool Charlie Adam!

  9. This week was spent on finishing up SPLATTERHOUSE. Though it was very repetitive, it was actually quite fun. I finished it up and even played a little more for some trophies. Finished with a 64%, not bad. Definitely give it a rent or a purchase if you find it cheap enough. Not that short and includes the ORIGINAL SPLATTERHOUSE TRILOGY.

    Once the PSN updated, I used my PS+ to pick up EAT THEM. 50% off for only $5! Great game if you like the old school RAMPAGE games. But EAT THEM is RAMPAGE on steroids. You get to make your own monster and the choices are aplenty. The city bashing is great fun and it has local multiplayer. Get it while it’s cheap, but it is worth the full price, in my opinion.

    Last night, I finally bought LIMBO. With the PS+, it was only $11.99. My girlfriend watched me play the entire demo. She then demanded that I purchase the game so she could watch me play more of it. All the praise was well deserved. Brilliant game that I can’t wait to continue playing.

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