TSA DiRT 3 Tournament: The Fixtures

The entries are in for our DiRT 3 tournament and we have the line up for the first round!

We received twenty five entries for the tournament, which means that there’s seven drivers lucky enough to get a free by into the next round. The rest will have to organise and complete and report their races before 9pm BST on Sunday 7th August.

Before we reveal the line up, a quick reminder of the races:

Leg One

  • Location: Aspen
  • Track: Buttermilk Descent
  • Vehicle Class: Pro
  • Laps: 2
  • Conditions: Snow

Leg Two

  • Location: Monaco
  • Track: Marina Face-Off
  • Vehicle Class: 60s
  • Laps: 2
  • Conditions: Evening, Sun

Leg Three

  • Location: Smelter
  • Track: Dredger Duel
  • Vehicle Class: Group B
  • Laps: 2
  • Conditions: Wet

Once the races are complete the results are to be posted in the forums,  and I will deal with any issues.

But who will you be racing? Now is the time to find out! We used random.org to decide who would race who, and place everyone into a knock-out table. The following was produced:

Spooferbarnabas – by
Tonyyeb – by

SuperJag86 vs. Crazy_Del
Death_In_Flamez – by

MrSpeedyGonzales vs. Freezebug2
CarBoyCam vs. R1MJAW

Baxteros vs. LuckyDogRcs24  (SteeeeeevoLapeer on PSN)
Ro6afc11 – by

FunkyMunky – by
JamboGT vs. Teflon

Davidsmall2410 vs. Maneorix
THLNetwork vs. AshGraham99

Rocket_345 – by
Manorhowze – by

Sitorimon vs. SpikeyMikey23
Camdaz vs. beelzie14

This means that Spooferbarnabas, Tonyyeb, Death_In_Flamez, Ro6afc11, FunkyMunky, Rocket_345 and Manorhowze are all going straight through into round 2.

So there you have it, now get into the forum thread and get your races organised. That’s also where you will report your results.

Oh and good luck!

This post was written and competition is being run by JamboGT. Don’t forget, that there are regular DiRT 3 meets hosted every Sunday afternoon. Feel free to sign up to them whether you’re looking for practice or just a bit of a laugh!



  1. Carboy and R1M…Wow! that’s more like a final match!!!

    • Is R1M good? :P Just added him and ready to arrange our races. :D

      • Indeed, It should be a great match.

      • Damn, I was hoping to get a relatively straightforward first round. This should be a very interesting start to the competition.

  2. You can tell it was Random.org, because I got matched up with Jambo!
    Ah well, it’ll be a shame to see him get beaten in the first round… :P

    • haha, i was like O_o when i saw ur draw… should be an awesome race…=)

    • Any chance I can spectate your round Teffers?! Lol

      • I’d be happy with that… Can you spectate in this game?
        I know the results a foregone conclusion, really, so I will be going over the finish line backwards.

      • Showboating eh?! ;)

      • We shall see!

  3. Thank you god’s of random.org. I only got the game Friday (i think you could all tell in the meet aswell) so it will give me longer to unlock some stuff and practice some more. On another note i made it further than i thought. :)

    • Don’t get too comfy Rocket…you got Manor in round 2 0_e

      • Yeah but I still make it past round 1 which is further than I predicted.

  4. Good luck to Baxteros in adding that PSN name to his friends list :P

    • Ha ha, you know I thought exactly the same, hope he’s typed it correctly. 6 eeeeees in Stevo and 2 in Lapeer?

    • Haha!

  5. good luck to u all in this awesome comp.!!
    i have betted £500 on u Captain… don’t dissappoint me now! :P

    • XD Well seriously if Del beats Jag the I reckon I can get in the quarters :D But then I got either tony or spoofer…..so I’mma just crossing me fingers :3

      • atleast u wont have manor until the final… :P

  6. Awwwwww, what?! Ash in round 1! He beat me last night too :(

    • Tough luck THL, out of all the fixtures there are 2 standout tough draws, you vs Ash and me vs Cam.
      You know how it is though mate, a single mistake can cost the race … good luck.

    • Awwwww, what?! THL in round 1! You beat me a few times aswell, gonna be a damn close one. Good luck to all participants aswell!

  7. Some very interesting first round races there, good luck to everyone who races!

  8. Not expecting to do to well in this tournament but it should be fun.

  9. Yaay, I got a bye in the first round. Considering I’ve only practised the head 2 heads once yesterday its probably a good thing.

    Interesting match ups already so should be interesting to see who comes out on top.

    Good luck all

    • Considering you got me in round 2 you won’t have to do too much practice. Ask anyone in the group with me yesterday and they’ll back me up.

      • You got a week to practice so dont give up on it yet. My main issue will be not crashing as its something I have gotten very good at lately.

      • I’ve just remembered that me and you raced in the MNR touney in the second round of the tournement and you annihalted me. That’s really got me worried now. I aint counting myself out of it yet as aslong as the tracks are the same in round 2 then i’ll do ok as apart from the 1st one i’m pretty decent. I’ve also learnt that one bad corner can cost you a race so anything can happen.

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