Massive Poll: Will You Pay For Online Passes?

Online passes have become the norm for most multiplayer games, the publishers claim these ‘add value’ but we all know they are trying to get a slice of that tasty second hand pie and recoup some of the costs of dedicated servers.

Actually, second hand pie doesn’t sound that tasty unless you are a fan of rummaging through the bins at Greggs.

Anyway, here’s the question: will you pay for an online pass?  Would you prefer it if the pass was locked to a console as Sony are planning to do with Resistance 3 rather than to a single profile, and at what point does the pass become too expensive?

A single click will let us know, and your vote will be immortalised in the halls of history for ever.

The poll closes at midnight, Thursday 4th August and we will publish the results shortly after that.

If you have a suggestion for a future survey then why not drop me a line – tuffcub at – and if you’re lucky you may see yourself on my next Massive Poll.



  1. In a way i hope Activisions elite pass for cod works well for them as hopefully that will have a knock on effect.Leading with exclusives at least gives us players something palpable for our money and loyalty whereas the pass system just seems to block what we were already getting for free.

  2. I wouldn’t buy a Pass if I didn’t think I was going to make good use for it. But, if the multiplayer/online aspects looked good, I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase and Online Pass.

  3. I’ve only ever bought one online pass and it was the VIP code for BF:BC2, which i didn’t want to buy but the code i was given when i bought the game NEW didn’t work!

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