Massive Poll: Will You Pay For Online Passes?

Online passes have become the norm for most multiplayer games, the publishers claim these ‘add value’ but we all know they are trying to get a slice of that tasty second hand pie and recoup some of the costs of dedicated servers.

Actually, second hand pie doesn’t sound that tasty unless you are a fan of rummaging through the bins at Greggs.

Anyway, here’s the question: will you pay for an online pass?  Would you prefer it if the pass was locked to a console as Sony are planning to do with Resistance 3 rather than to a single profile, and at what point does the pass become too expensive?

A single click will let us know, and your vote will be immortalised in the halls of history for ever.

The poll closes at midnight, Thursday 4th August and we will publish the results shortly after that.

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  1. If i limited the game severly like LittleBigPlanet then i would (But trust me id never buy a quality game like LBP second hand or any day apart from launch day).

    However recently i brought Skate 3 for £10 pre-owned, and i can play sp and mp, but to share levels i have to pay £9 because the code is invalid. And no way am i going to pay that for such a small feature of the game. Im still against this whole idea of passes anyway, because it means when me and my dad share brand new games, only one of get to play online, and so many other reasons but have been explained here so many times before.

  2. If I want a particular game & it’s got a pass, I’ll still get it, since I don’t trade-in and rarely buy used, it doesn’t matter much to me but I can see the potential issues everyone has with this.

  3. Makes no difference to me as I buy all my games new.

    But I have no objection to the system. As I’ve said many times before, if stores like GAME gave part of their pre-owned profits back to the industry, this probably wouldn’t be necessary at all.

  4. I do occasionally buy pre-owned, although a game that’s on my “Do want!” list will be bought new anyway, so it’s only “speculative” purchases that will be bought that way. I wont however, pay for an online pass and right now, I’m on the side of boycotting them entirely. If people don’t vote with their wallets now, god knows what we’ll end up with down the line.

  5. i’m definitely in the boycott camp, and it has stopped me buying games i’ve really been looking forward to.
    white knight chronicles 2 being the most recent.

    it’s not the passes themselves that i disagree with, although you could argue against them by pointing out that every preowned copy’s presence on the server was paid for when it was new and there will only ever be that one copy accessing the service.
    and there is the fact most of these games are peer to peer, where our machines and isp are doing the majority of the work and their servers are just counting score and pointing us at other players.

    but anyway, that’s not the issue, the issue is the motivation for doing this, that being their desire to profit from something they legally have no right to.
    and i don’t believe they’ll stop at these passes, if they start locking whole games to a single user, that would effectively be the end of my interest in console gaming.
    i only really use my pc for mmos right now because of this.

  6. Only if multiple accounts can have it…

  7. I would never pay for an online pass as it is as current, is a rippoff. I can get a FF game for that price. And mainly because i am a single player gamer so i would be wasting my money.

  8. The more and more they push things like this, the closer i get away from console gaming and move onto PC gaming. Like Hazelham said, if 500,000 copies sell, they them 500,000 purchases paid for the online, 80,000 go back in at pre-owned and 70,000 of them sell again and 45,000 more pass’es purchased, thats 35,000 less accounts able to acess the server at one time, plus all the people who lost interest arent acessing, so they budget for 300,000 accounts then, meaning its costing them less than the original 500,000 plus all the money from 45,000 pass’es at £8 ea. (If that makes sense, i dont know, you decide :D) So to summarise, anything they make from the passes is pure profit and greed.

  9. A note about the cost of running P2P games:

    A dedicated login and lobby server is still required for matchmaking, however this is a minimal amount of maintenance compared to game session servers.

    Ironically, having an online pass in any game actually increases the running costs because they need to run an authentication server as well to check the online passes are valid.

  10. I’d buy an online pass if I could use it for consoles I was linked to and hence for everyone on that console – so like with PS Store downloads if I had two consoles I could download on my account on both but also the other accounts on the consoles could also access the content. I have a younger brother who has a separate PS3 and I got NFS:HP and was a bit gutted I couldn’t offer him the online portion of the game as I had it on mine.

    • I’ve got that problem atm. Alot of my brothers friends play FIFA and he wants to play them online. But as i’ve activated the online pass as it’s my copy he can’t play them.

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