Massive Poll: Will You Pay For Online Passes?

Online passes have become the norm for most multiplayer games, the publishers claim these ‘add value’ but we all know they are trying to get a slice of that tasty second hand pie and recoup some of the costs of dedicated servers.

Actually, second hand pie doesn’t sound that tasty unless you are a fan of rummaging through the bins at Greggs.

Anyway, here’s the question: will you pay for an online pass?  Would you prefer it if the pass was locked to a console as Sony are planning to do with Resistance 3 rather than to a single profile, and at what point does the pass become too expensive?

A single click will let us know, and your vote will be immortalised in the halls of history for ever.

The poll closes at midnight, Thursday 4th August and we will publish the results shortly after that.

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  1. Really should be the option: “Never – as I buy all my games new.”

  2. Like most others I only really buy brand new.

    But if I WERE to buy a game dirt-cheap second hand then, yeah, I’d pay £8 for the multiplayer access. I think it’s completely justified for them to charge this.

  3. I doubt I’ll ever pay for an online pass, I rarely play multiplayer titles for more then a month or two. The cost just doesn’t seem worth it, especially as some online communities are close to dead by the time pre-owned prices have dropped. If they were about £3 I might consider.

  4. After watching several of my favourite devs go down the pan from poor sales I always buy new these days so it doesn’t effect me really. That said, I like the pass idea as at least it means the devs get a small piece of the aforementioned pie regardless of whether the customer buys new or used.

  5. Didn’t vote as i try to buy new if i’ve that much interest in a titles online mode anyway.However i firmly believe if a companies going with an online pass then they should at least provide an official server,peer to peer just isn’t cutting it nowadays.Secondly there should be a multiplayer specific demo before the pass is released.With passes i believe them now to be far more important than traditional single player demos.

    • I wouldn’t say a demo i’d prefer a free trail of the full multiplayer (wouldn’t mind if it has a level cap) so you can see if it is something you’d pay for.

      • Yes agree,any method of try before you buy should be implemented.

  6. I rarely play any games online, and so I hardly ever use the online features of games, despite buying most of mine brand new. Hence, if the publishers start charging for online play capability on second hand games, I’d expect them to discount brand new games accordingly if I choose not to play them online.

  7. I’ve been buying brand new all along but now that online has a value i’m considering secondhand as i don’t play online.

  8. I’ll only buy these games once my country gets a Store, otherwise the multiplayer part is useless for me.

  9. I’m a 2nd hand and rental kinda guy and I would be more than happy to pay to play online should the need arise.

  10. I am not about to get into a debate about whether online passes are ‘right’ or not (as i think all of the arguments have generally been covered over all of the stories on online passes!), but what happens when a multiplayer is particularly poor & the online community dies off a month or so?

    Will they be refunding online passes if you just cant get a game?

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