PS3 BBC iPlayer Gets A Revamp

BBC iPlayer on PS3 is to get a make over and will move from using the creaky PS3 web browser to a standalone app.

The new app has been built from scratch with new features including viewer recommendations and a “vastly improved” search function.


As well as a new app, more shows from the BBC archive will be added to the service and programs will be available for longer than seven days.

Rather oddly the BBC do not seem to mention the best feature of the upgrade,  look closely at the screenshot below and you will see the PS3 is getting BBC HD. 


Source: Press Release



  1. Match of the Day HD, I hope so!!!

    • Fingers crossed, I don’t use iPlayer but I would for this as my wife HATES my taking over the main TV to watch football. Doesn’t help that I literally watch every match possible!

      • Due to contractual obligations only MOTD 2 can be shown on the iPlayer.

      • NO!! I thought it was great when they got rid of Adrian Chiles, until he was replaced by Colin Murray. It seems MotD 2 has to have crap presenters and stupid gimmicks.

      • And last season you couldn’t even watch MOTD 2 until tuesday, but it had the monday night game.

    • You read my mind, fingers crossed.

  2. fantastic, at last. I will be using this a lot more from now on.

  3. Brilliant.

  4. Yay!\o/ *orders 99 and half bottle of beer for TSA towers*

    It is strange that the bbc haven’t mentioned this. I barely use the iplayer due to it being easier to use on my laptop. But i may cheat on my laptop with my PS3 and use it to play the new and improved iplayer. I do hope the entire Doctor who archive will be up on Iplayer and torchwood as well.

    • iPlayer is a catchup service, not really for archive programs

      SeeSaw have an agreement with the BBCs commercial arm (BBC Worldwide) and show some archive programs, however SeeSaw recently struggled to get funding & hasn’t become the service it once promised to be

  5. Brilliant news, thank goodness it has moved away from the crappy browser

  6. HD!! That is awesome if it is true and free for PS3 users! Hurrah!

  7. Watching Top Gear in HD through my TV atm, the app is brilliant. Also since my ps3 is bravia synced the pause button and such on my tv remote can control iplayer now too :) Hope the archives add all the eps of top gear, angry boys and how not to live your life permanently.

    Hopefully 4oD and ITVPlayer follow suit.

    • Surely you’ve got iPlayer built into your TV then, seems a waste to be running an extra bit of equipment if you don’t need to

      • Nah my sony bravia is the only one not to include iplayer :(
        Also my tv needs a wifi dongle to work anyway which is £60.

    • Works with Anynet on my Samsung too.

  8. Looks brilliant, hope 4oD does this to.

  9. I use iplayer all the time on my PS3, it’s far better than the shite on my Bravia TV; so any improvement is great news for me. Any release dates?

    • Of course the greatest improvement would be the ability to download and have the viewing time limit for those with crappy connections.

    • Out now, click on PS3 iplayer Icon to update.

      • Ooh, cheers!

      • Not there for me.

      • Ahh it seesm it depends on how you get into iPlayer as to whether it will update.

        If you use a PS3 Remote control pressing enter will go into the iplayer as normal with no update. Presing X on the PS3 Remote will force it to update.

        I always through the buttons did the same job.

  10. Excellent stuff, especially the HD.

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