PS3 Firmware 3.70 Inbound

Eric Lempel is back with news on the features coming soon with the latest firmware. It will finally bring in auto-trophy sync but only if you’re a plus member. We’re also told that this isn’t the complete feature list, I’m sure we’ll have that as soon as possible.

PS+ Exclusive

  • “Automatic Download” will be renamed “Automatic Update”
  • Automatic Upload of save files (you’ll have to select which saves to auto-upload) by:
    • Selecting from current save files,
    • New games will ask if you want to auto-upload upon save
  • Automatic Trophy Syncing


  • PS Store Recommendations – Send message recommendations to friends (who will be able to click a link within the message to jump to the recommendation).
  • New XMB Category “TV/Video” will house all streaming applications. (Brings the US in line with the European XMB layout)
  • 3D Support for Java-based special features on Blu-ray 3D
  • DTS-HD MA, DTS-HD HR will be supported while playing Blu-ray 3D
  • 3D Photos in .MPO format can be viewable in 3D on the XMB and the Photo Gallery App.

The update will be available soon, along with additional details after it goes live.

There will also be a minor PSP update (version 6.60) launching soon.



  1. Were slowly approaching 6.66 for the PSP, Nostradamus mentioned it briefly as ‘The day the lustrous black slab of joy grew a second analog stick and saved you a fortune on a vita!’.

  2. Pretty weak update, imo, especially if you’re not a PS+ subscriber.. I wonder if the homebrew scene is getting close to cracking 3.6 and sony aren’t taking any chances…

  3. Downloading….. good to see some new features as opposed to just security updates.

    • Installed but I no longer have ITV/C4 icons under the new TV/Video section, only Lovefilm and iPlayer ?

      • I noticed that, thought it would pop into the ‘my channels bit’ perhaps later in the day???

      • You have to go to my channels, select app & dload the software, then they appear in the reg list.

      • so once u dload all software, your left with a day1 redundant icon.

    • all 1 of them, PS Store Recommendations

  4. Eric Lempel? Isn’t he Magneto?

  5. Well it seems Sony have put in some good features, but as always implemented them in a peculiar way.

    You’d have thought that you could ‘tag’ the save data that you want to be auto-sync’d, but instead you have to insert the actual game disc and tag that instead. Not a major issue but a pain to repeat for every game.

    • tag’ the save data that you want to be auto-sync’d,?
      auto sync – trophies.
      save data – auto upload to cloud.

  6. Auto Trophy sync should be for everyone.

  7. Do people actually read the thread and article anymore?

  8. Sounds good, may have to subscribe to PS+ in the near future.

  9. Sony are making us pay more and more for system features which should be standard for everyone. Not a good trend at all. I can’t care less for PSN+, but I’m still entitled to system features as any other legitimate Sony customer.

  10. The trophy syncing issue needs to be addressed. 360 owners don’t have to wait seconds/minutes for their achievements to sync.

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