Starhawk Beta: Warhawk Players First

Harvard Bonin, Sony Santa Monica Studios’ Senior Producer on Starhawk, has been talking to the US PlayStation Blog and has said that a ‘public beta and play test sessions will be a gigantic help.’

A public beta will be part of that. Our beta plans are being worked out right now, but we will have one for sure.

Our hope is to take care of Warhawk players first.

The PS Blog also features some rather lush screenshots from the game which you can see below, assuming you move your eyes down the page a bit more. However as you have moved your eyes this far it would seem a waste not to go that extra few centimetres.

Go on, Dylan Jobe will love you if you do.

We’ve played Starhawk – find out what we thought here.

Source: US PS Blog 


  1. I hope this wish spreads to the EU as they normally just stick it in thr Ps+ pot

  2. Thinking of getting back into Warhawk just in case it helps with this beta… anyone up for a game, feel free to add and msg…

    • I’ll add you but I’m likely to be very rusty, it has been at least a year since I played.

  3. Were you struggling to fill this article with words by any chance? :)

    Looks great though and seems sensible to let Warhawk players in first, they are likely to be the most rigid testers

    • Shhhh! Shuttup! No one else has noticed I was padding.

  4. Really hope I get this, even though I am not a P+ sub.

  5. Excellent. That’s the way it should be done.

    As an avid player and massive fan of Warhawk… i can’t wait

  6. I’d really need to get PS+ just in case…. D:

  7. I’m more interested in the single player story so if by some strange luck i end up with a code i’ll pass it on to someone who would get more use out of it.
    I’m delighted they are bringing a proper single player campaign this time but i’m unsure about the tower-defence gameplay – that’s a big and somewhat jarring change to the ‘realism’ of Warhawk.

  8. Hopefully this won’t be limited to people who have platinumed Warhawk, cos it may be a relatively small group of testers.

  9. Good good. Sounds a good selection method, much better than most games of late.

  10. Most Devs always say this, but then it seems its easier just to nab a code from a website, I’ve done it numerous times and got into Beta’s before they were properly opened up.
    Hoping I get into the Beta, although it’ll probably end up being PS+ only unless I get myself a code.

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