Driver: San Francisco Delayed on PC

A short and not overly sweet news post: Driver: San Francisco has been delayed on the PC. It’ll now surface on September 30th, almost a month behind its console brothers.

Has anyone tried the demo? If so, what are your thoughts?

Source: Eurogamer



  1. I will be surprised if the PC version sells one copy, everyone hates the Ubisoft DRM so instead go ahead and pirate there games.

    • So are you saying that everyone pirates Ubisoft PC games?

      • Yarr, I think that be what he be sayin’.

      • I think that most people do pirate Ubisoft games you only have to visit PC specialist websites (PCGamer) to realize this. Only I & a couple of mates buy our PC games the rest pirate them which baffles me because they buy Xbox/PS3 games and pirate cheaper PC games.

      • I can however see why PC only gamers would pirate Ubisoft titles such as Assassins Creed 2, Driver etc that use the always on DRM, if they pirate it they get it for free and don’t lose progress if they lose internet connection. I’m not condoning piracy but it’s beyond me why Ubisoft do this when Xbox is also rife with piracy.

  2. Shame for the PC fans, tryed this out yesterday and it really is much better than I was expecting.

    • My PC fans are fine, if a little dusty. They have not been affected by this news.

  3. I thought the PS3 demo was good, although also thought it could get a bit boring very quickly. And what is with the switching car thing, I did this when the police were chasing me but it didn’t do anything, they continued to chase my previous car which took away any fun, I was instantly moved away from the chase – WTF?!? Naturally I switched back.

    • When i tested it, the devs recommended using other vehicles to damage/obstruct the pursuers.

      • That seems reasonable, I’ll give it a go. I also thought the car could take far too much damage, do they ever brake down completely? I did enjoy it but just not sure it would hold my interest, especially when I have DiRT 3 in my “to do” pile gathering dust (although I apprecaite they aren’t the same type of driving game). I though the handling was ok and the graphics were reasonably good.

  4. I found the demo disappointing, the driving is a letdown and the shift mechanic interferes with the continuity. Also the shift doesn’t seem to have been thought out properly. While you possess another body/vehicle, Tanner’s body is still able to drive his own vehicle – which makes no sense. And as Youles said above, the missions aren’t clearly defined.

  5. I hated it

  6. Will get around to the demo, but so far I’m easily finding other things to do, like the dishes

  7. Yeah, it fully sucked. Handling was awful and shift thing doesn’t really work (as peeps have said above). Also, at one point I pressed forward on the left stick, went up a ramp, and jumped about 3/4 of a mile. Not really what I was expecting.

    Shame, because I was really hoping it would be good :-(

  8. Didn’t like the demo, car handling was awful, but I’m glad I tried it, because I was really interested this, but annoyed at the DRM, so I was planning on boycotting it. Now I’m pleased to be just not buying it..

  9. Not sure on my preorder of it.

    I actually liked the demo a little bit. I barely used the shift mechanic though.

  10. My guess is that the publishers/developers halts PC versions of games so that gamers who have a PC and at least one of the consoles they are trying to get them to buy the console version first then the PC when finally released. 1. to make money for Microsoft/Sony 2. So they can get gamers to spend money on the console and pc version.

    That’s their tactics – my guess. Example: I had to buy Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood on the PS3 (I wanted to play it ASAP – although was bugged to its eyeballs with fps glitches & crashes – Ubisoft cheated PS3 gamers there). As they decided a month or 2 before original release they wanted to halt PC version 3 months before. So they got more money out of me that way.

    How do they expect people to buy legit copies when it arrives to pc owners weeks/months later when pc gamers are treated like crap – I understand pc games are cheaper that’s only because your not paying part of the cash to Microsoft or Sony because its not on console. Its a huge con for the paying customer with a PC who had probably spent like myself over £1000 to play these games at top quality.

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