Epic On Shadow Complex 2: “Never Say Never”

In his GDC Europe keynote this morning, Epic president Mike Capps has talked about why we haven’t yet seen a sequel to the critically- and comercially-successful XBLA title Shadow Complex.

“The reviews were great, it was a record seller for a single-player game on the platform, but at the same time we’ve got this mobile gaming push that’s coming in strong,” said Capps. “The big thing for me was that we were looking what the iPhone could do, and the games that were on iPhone, and we thought there was a huge gap, so we put our engine team on the problem, and that’s where we came up with Infinity Blade.”


Chair, the team behind Shadow Complex (which we graced with a 9/10), developed iOS hit Infinity Blade, and has previously noted that a Shadow Complex 2 would be a case of “if, not when”. Luckily, Capps’ words seem more positive, with him telling Joystiq to “never say never”. Fingers crossed then.

Source: Joystiq



  1. Very much crossed, and also hoping it wont be an XBLA exclusive this time either.. A game that good deserves more coverage.

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