Infinity Blade Series Makes $30 Million

There’s nothing particularly obnoxious about the Unreal Engine powered Infinity Blade (apart from some slightly iffy in-app purchases) – it’s just that there’s not a great deal to the game when you really think about it. I’m aware that there’s a tactical edge to the mechanics, but on the surface there’s little more to it than tapping to jump to a location and then swiping to attack and dodge, levelling up as you go on an ad infinitum loop.

Regardless, the Chair developed title has, if you count both Infinity Blade games and the spin-off stuff, shifted thirty million dollars in gross revenue.  That – when you boil it down – is incredible. Sure, the game looks nice, but the free roaming (and free) Epic Citidel is actually the better ‘game’ of the lot, even though it’s a mere tech demo.  Seems like everybody else disagrees with me though.


The game was heavily promoted by Apple as they used it to push new hardware, effectively giving the brawler free (and invaluable) marketing that you couldn’t possibly get anywhere else no matter how much cash you had. “The success of the Infinity Blade franchise is testament to our talented team who is devoted to making games we want to play,” said the understandably happy Epic president Mike Capps.

Source: Edge



  1. Originally read the title just as “Infinity Blade Series Makes $30” due to “million” being on the next line on the homepage. That would have been a funnier article. Good they’ve got such success though. I thought the first was pretty interesting, though got frustrated in how stupid the prices of items were, encouraging buying coins, which I loathe… It was also a tad too repetitive, the second looks to have worked towards fixing that a bit.

    • Haha, yeah, that would make a totally different article :)

  2. What the hell is Infinity Blade anyway?

  3. I have an iPad and I own the first IB. Not a bad little game, despite the hate on here. I got it for only $1 when it was on sale. That is probably the best spent dollar of 2011. Full price, maybe not. But that game always gets free updates with new areas. Chair knows how to do customer service. Congrats on their success.

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