Infinity Blade Gets Multiplayer Update

iDevice owners with a penchant for kicking seven bells out of their friends will be pleased to hear that the fantastic ‘Infinity Blade’ has now been updated with a multiplayer patch.

The patch brings a multiplayer arena where you can challenge those on your Game Center friends list. A survival mode has also been added, where you have to defeat wave after wave of Titans.


New items, swords etc, have also been added, as well as Facebook integration so you can fill up your wall with messages of just how violent you are. For science.

You can read more about Infinity Blade here.

Source: VG247



  1. For Science is this years Cake/Lie. I hate it already and will be violently attacking anyone using the annoying meme.

    • Er…?

    • I don’t really see “For Science” as a problem, it was the “For Science. You Monster.” that was around for a bit that annoyed me, but that’s stopped now (at least on TSA, don’t know about elsewhere).

  2. I see this is only £1.79 on the app store at the moment. Tempted.

    • Cost me over fiver !
      Buy it, its a brilliant game. Make sure you back it up on the PC often though, I lost all my data without warning. :(

  3. Want it for xperia play.

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