Meet the Reader: Yogdog

Another core member for you this week in the form of Yogdog. I’ve let Bunimomike loose again, too, so it’s audio and transcription again. Enjoy!

Hello and welcome to another Meet the Reader for TheSixthAxis. I’m Bunimomike, and this is my third audio Meet the Reader, the first two were TheLoneSteven and then NemesisND1derboy, known as Phill, who is on the NuTSAck Podcast with me. Now we’ve got Yogdog, or Jon, who is also a fellow podcaster.


Hello Jon, are you there?

Yup, I am here indeed.

OK, so it’s a fairly intense interview.

Uh oh, is it invasive?

I’ll give you a choice of where I invade, keep the bruising to a minimum. We’ve got plenty to get through, and I’ll dive in with nice simple questions. How old are you?

I’m 18. Not far off 19, though.

I’ll not forget your birthday, I promise, but the gaming world might, since it’s the same as the release date of…


It’s a hell of a quarter for games, isn’t it?

Yeah, so many games!

I’ve got visions of gamers selling organs to afford all the games.

I don’t think I need my legs, I could sell those, and get a game or two.

I should hope you get more than that for them. How did you get into gaming in the first place, Jon?

It was just watching my dad, to start off with. Games like Sonic and Starfox on… Commodore? I can’t remember.

Was it on a Commodore Amiga?

I really can’t remember, it was so long ago. Then it was Wipeout and Crash Bandicoot on PS1, and it went from there. I’ve always preferred to play PC games, though, so it was Return to Castle Wolfenstein and Medal of Honour: Allied Assault, and eventually the first Call of Duty.

I got a PS3 about 2 years ago, so I’ve mainly switched over now. I’ve got an Xbox 360 as well.

Does the 360 get much love from you?

Well my Gamerscore is over 33,000 so it’s had a lot of loving from me, but I don’t love it anymore. I prefer my PS3.

From my perspective you’re very much a ‘hardcore’ gamer, and you enjoy the whole gamut of games. You’ve gone love for a lot of genres, but because of the situation with the Xbox, where there’s not as many exclusives, it affects your game time for it.

Yeah, you’ve got the cross platform games, and you’ve got Gears of War 3 which I’m really excited for, but aside from that and Forza 4, I can’t think of any exclusives. Just nothing.

The other thing is, of course, TSA, which still leans to the PS3 side of things. It means a lot of your friends are on PS3, and not so much on the 360.

Yeah, most of my friends are now on PS3. I don’t think anyone but a few real life friends on my friends list are from anywhere other than TSA. Love this site.

Alright, well, since we’re busy massaging TSA’s ego, why not dive in with a question there as well? When did you sign up to TSA?

It’s about a year and a half ago now. February 2010? I’ve not been here the longest, but I do post quite a bit, depending on how I feel.

Or if you’re hitting a game really hard.

Well, nobody sees me if I’m hitting a game really hard… Mass Effect 2!

Fair point. I think what’s nice is that some of us enjoy chatting on Skype and in TeamSpeak when playing the likes of Left 4 Dead. So even when we’re playing a game we love, we raise our heads above the parapet once in a while. What’s the score with your family and playing games?

My dad doesn’t play games as much anymore. The only ones he’s played recently are the newest Wolfenstein game and something called Legendary which wasn’t very good.

My sister plays any games I do, basically, just like she listens to any music I do. Robs everything off me!

From talking to you, it’s obvious that she’s been pilfering your room for stuff.

She’s got more of my games up in her bedroom, than I do in my own now, I swear!

Obviously she has good taste. Do you catch your dads attention when he visits your room, and he’ll sit and watch?

He made me play through Uncharted 2 on the PS3 we have in the living room, so he could watch me play it, once. He loved it. He’d seen me play Uncharted 1 when that came out, so that’s why he made me play it.

We were talking, before we started recording, about how from the majority of gamers’ perspectives Uncharted is probably one of the finest games to play for someone else to watch.

Dead Space as well, he watched me play, and occasionally when I’m playing online on Bad Company 2. Just the odd 20 minutes here and there, but he watched me play through all of Dead Space. I’ve been meaning to play Dead Space 2 at some point.

With Gamescom just passing now, that six minute Uncharted 3 clip just left me wanting it to keep on going.

I’ve not seen that yet, I don’t want to ruin any it for myself.

Yeah, it’s not spoiling anything, but if you want to keep it feeling that bit newer for you. It’s truly looking to be an absolute belter of a game. Talking of Uncharted 3, what else are you looking forward to this coming quarter?

So many games! Uncharted 3, Battlefield 3, Deus Ex Human Revolution, Saints Row 3… Ah, there’s so many, and I can only afford maybe two or three of them. Please somebody buy me those games!

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  1. Nice to meet you Yogdog!

  2. Hehe, good interview! I didn’t think I was older than Yogdog, mind, t’is only a month’s difference.

  3. Nice read Yogdog, the TSA king of Bad Company!

  4. Nice to meet you again Yogdog. I rember playing BF:BC2 with you once. I think we were the only people who worked as a team.

    I’m disappointed that there are no poo jokes. :p

    What is your all time favorite retro console?

    • I don’t really do retro consoles much, I played on the PS1 a little but that’s about it for me, I was always a PC guy which has only changed recently, when I got a 250gb PS3 slim in my bedroom. It also helped that my PC broke around the same time I got it.
      Poo jokes are gone now, as I don’t work there anymore :P

      • Oh, then would you kindly follow me on twitter? ;)

        I think Kevin Butler may have broken in and broke your PC when you got your slim. :p

  5. Nice to meet you all too guys :)
    Also, Tef. How bloody old is that photo of Uncharted 2?! Bastard! I still won the first Uncharted treasure bearer competition on here though ;)

    • The one where I quit after the 4th round to avoid a 30 minute argument and let the competition continue?
      We all know who would’ve really won that… :P

  6. I really like this feature. Nice interview, good doggy ;)

  7. An entertaining read as always guys, nice to meet you yogdog and that’s a cool Tshirt.

  8. Jon, you’re a legend, far too good at games mind…..
    If your birthday is on Skyrims release date does that make you Dovahkiin ?

  9. That blue thing behind me in the photo, btw, is a blow up dolphin, which I rode down some pretty big stairs… I’d drunk a fair amount of tequila mixed with vodka and anything alcoholic in the vicinity.
    My head was fine the next day, but the day after that? Not so good, didn’t know hangovers could skip a day!

    • You had a hangover that was delayed by a day? How can that happen? Also, nice to meet you too yogdog.

    • Aha, i thought your eyes looked a bit glazed. I think your hangover was delayed because you were probably still drunk the next day ;)

      • Good point, I probably was. I certiantly had a headache for a long time afterwards…

  10. That was great fun, Jon. We even managed to keep the chat to a respectable length so teflon didn’t hang himself from the joy of transcribing our ramblings.

    As it happens, I just wanted to say a huge thank you to tef. Adding the option of a vocal interview is great but it can take teflon around two hours to transcribe the damned thing into word form. Truly, fella, thank you for scribbling down the voice interviews.

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